Me and My Shadow: Famous for ten seconds — and more!

Oops! One more post.

Check it out. Ran into this fellow on our early morning walk near the giant fountain on the IU campus. He wanted to take our picture, and asked if he could use our names and a bit of description. 

A good idea, to document our picturesque town on a weekly basis. And this man obviously loves doing it. 

What would happen if we all did what we love best? 

Later today I was at the AT&T store to figure out something about my internet connection. Ended up talking with the manager whose real love is composing music. He turned me on to a Nina Simone song that has been remastered with new sounds behind it and handed me a set of earphones so I could hear her on his iphone. Really great. Both of us started dancing. When he talked about his love of music (“Words are so limited, but tone and color are not . . .”) his whole body filled with energy. Likewise, the man who takes the Sunday photos.

The universe is just waiting for each of us to open the floodgates, eh?

The Bloomington Feel: July 2, 2015

A Weekly Diary of Images from Bloomington Indiana

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Only one post today — and it’s a doozer!

Makes us laugh. And more. Makes us wonder:  Just how much does the “form” we recognize and embody for “sex” — or anything else! — depend on our teensy-weensy human perceptual/conceptual framework?

(I’ll report on our fabulous Lammas adventure tomorrow.) 

If Humans Had Sex Like Animals


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Lammas with Laura! — and more

This evening, blogger friend Laura Bruno and her partner David will be visiting our little Green Acres ecopod. At Laura’s suggestion, we will hold a Lammas Ceremony first, in the GANG garden, and then retire to the back yard where we will feast on grilled squash, stir fried yard long beans, potato salad, cucumber salad, quinoa, watermelon, and lots of homemade mead. Pics tomorrow!

Meanwhile, check out this post. An interesting compendium of stuff that’s supposedly happening in September, if “they” can get their way. (P.S. They can’t.)

September 2015 Convergence: Is There Any Connection Among the Events?

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U.S. history from World War II to NOW: Oliver Stone. And the future: Bernie Sanders?

I’ve been spending my evenings watching  Oliver Stone’s massive documentary series:

Untold History of the United States


Stone describes this endeavor as presenting “a side of history we didn’t learn in school. Upsetting to some, but profound for those who think for themselves.” Well, duh, yes. On both counts. Upsetting to me and profound.

I thought I was informed. I was mistaken. Told in ten chapters, each an hour long, and wrenching in its detailing of the way this Empire has functioned at least since World War II to destroy everything and everyone in its greedy, malevolent path.

If I didn’t have a naturally optimistic Sagittarian nature, I’d be destroyed myself by his detailed account and perspective, much of which I was totally unaware of! I’d think, “What’s the use? It’s all been going on for so long. Always the same. Mass surveillance. Deception. Trickery. Brutality. Militarism serving Capitalism under the guise of “making the world safe for democracy.” Evil men at the helm. Missed opportunities and martyrdom for the few who oppose the perfidy, like the Kennedy brothers and Martin Luther King. Plus, one hero I have never heard of, Henry A. Wallace! Such a beautiful man! If Stone is correct, had Wallace been allowed to impact history, we might have completely avoided the nuclear arms race.

Henry A. Wallace.

Henry A. Wallace.


But then, in defense of my own abject ignorance, I’ve got to remember (hard to believe now!) that I was a daily absorber of the MSM “paper of record,” the New York Times, until just four years ago, when I finally stopped my print subscription, wised up to internet alternatives, and started posting that kind of news on my fb page. Which in turn led me to this blog.

(Of course, my education in alt-news has also been profound, in the sense that there’s an infinite amount out there, and who the hell knows what or how much of it is “true,” (whatever that means) — including this Stone series! Which is why I keep talking about opening the mind to whatever without having to “believe” anything for sure. Rather, ground myself in this body on this good Earth and open my mind to the sky. I.e., center myself vertically, so that I may radiate love horizontally from the heart. That’s it! Every day. And in every way.)

But Stone does document what he’s talking about with written records and photos and videos — including films like for example, The Manchurian Candidate, which, yes, appear to give us the news in a (pretended) “fictional” manner.

So I do thoroughly recommend this series. And if you’re like me, you won’t be able to stomach more than one hour of it per day. BTW: it’s so dense and thick that I plan to watch the whole series at least twice, and then keep on my shelf for others to borrow.

Which reminds me, let’s hope that Bernie Sanders does not become just another martyr to our lost? cause. Here’s what amounts to his evolving campaign platform. Pay special attention to the comments underneath as well. Many people are noticing that Bernie’s got to start paying much more attention to the way this nation has functioned as the latest evil empire if he really wants to represent us.

Let Me Be Very Blunt and Tell You Why I Am Running

Bernie Sanders. (photo: Charlie Leight/Getty Images) go to original article

Bernie Sanders. (photo: Charlie Leight/Getty Images) go to original article



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U.S. Climate Refugees Department: DROUGHT. FIRE. What next?

California Drought Could Wipe Cities Off Map If Their Water Runs Out

And in the Northwest, NOW:

 Fire at World’s End



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Margaret Atwood’s “dystopian,” “futuristic” fantasies: coming true?

A long essay about our current planetary predicament from one of our premier “sci-fi” authors. I excerpt from its conclusion, which concerns “cli-fi” and, amazingly enough, ends on a (possibly) encouraging note.

It’s Not Climate change — It’s Everything Change

July 30, 2015

by Margaret Atwood



“Cli‐fi” is a term coined by blogger Dan Bloom to describe fiction dealing with the current and projected effects of climate change. … Cli-fi as a new genre has taken off in a big way and is now being studied by universities all over the world. But don’t make the mistake of confusing it with sci-fi. If you think stories showing the effects of climate change are still only futuristic fantasies, think again. For example, I would argue that the only truly fantastical element in my books is that the animals talk. To one boy. Other cli‐fi elements of my story that are often described as fantastical or dystopian, include the death of nearly all the animals in the world. That’s just me painting an extreme picture, right, to make a good story? I wish.

The recent 2014 WWF Living Planet Report revealed that the entire animal population of the planet had in fact halved over the last 40 years. 52% of our wildlife, gone, just like that. Whether through the effects of climate change to the growth in human population to the depredation of natural habitats, the children reading my books now might well find themselves experiencing middle‐age in a world without the biodiversity we once took for granted. A world of humans and just a few pigeons, rats and cockroaches scratching around… So, how about the futuristic vision of a planet where previously inhabited areas become too hot and dry to sustain human life? That’s standard dystopian world-building fare, surely?

Yes, except that right now, as you read this, super developed and technological California — the eighth largest economy in the world, bigger than Russia — is suffering a record breaking drought. The lowest rainfall since 1885 and enforced water restrictions of up to 25%. They can track every mouse click ever made from Palo Alto apparently, but they can’t figure out how to keep the taps running. That’s just California — never mind Africa or Australia.

Every effect of climate change in the books — from the rising sea levels of The Dark Wild to the acidic and jelly‐fish filled oceans in The Wild Beyond, is happening right now, albeit on a lesser level.

(photos: Jonas Bendiksen/Magnum; Gadtan Rossier/Getty Images; Nichole Sobecki/Getty Images)

(photos: Jonas Bendiksen/Magnum; Gadtan Rossier/Getty Images; Nichole Sobecki/Getty Images)

Could cli-fi be a way of educating young people about the dangers that face them, and helping them to think through the problems and divine solutions? Or will it become just another part of the “entertainment business”? Time will tell. But if Barry Lord is right, the outbreak of such fictions is in part a response to the transition now taking place — from the consumer values of oil to the stewardship values of renewables. The material world should no longer be treated as a bottomless cornucopia of use-and-toss endlessly replaceable mounds of “stuff”: supplies are limited, and must be conserved and treasured.

Can we change our energy system? Can we change it fast enough to avoid being destroyed by it? Are we clever enough to come up with some viable plans? Do we have the political will to carry out such plans? Are we capable of thinking about longer-term issues, or, like the lobster in a pot full of water that’s being brought slowly to the boil, will we fail to realize the danger we’re in until it’s too late?

Not that the lobster can do anything about it, once in the pot. But we might. We’re supposed to be smarter than lobsters. We’ve committed some very stupid acts over the course of our history, but our stupidity isn’t inevitable. Here are three smart things we’ve managed to do:

First, despite all those fallout shelters built in suburban backyards during the Cold War, we haven’t yet blown ourselves up with nuclear bombs. Second, thanks to Rachel Carson’s groundbreaking book on pesticides, Silent Spring, not all the birds were killed by DDT in the ’50s and ’60s. And, third, we managed to stop the lethal hole in the protective ozone layer that was being caused by the chlorofluorocarbons in refrigerants and spray cans, thus keeping ourselves from being radiated to death. As we head towards the third decade of the 21st century, it’s hopeful to bear in mind that we don’t always act in our own worst interests.

“For everything to stay the same, everything has to change,” says a character in Giuseppe di Lampedusa’s 1963 novel, The Leopard. What do we need to change to keep our world stable? How do we solve for X+Y+Z — X being our civilization’s need for energy, without which it will fall swiftly into anarchy; Y being the finite nature of the earth’s atmosphere, incapable of absorbing infinite amounts of CO2 without destroying us; and Z being our understandable wish to live full and happy lives on a healthy planet, followed by future human generations doing the same. One way of solving this equation is to devise more efficient ways of turning sunlight into electrical energy. Another way is to make oil itself — and the CO2 it emits — part of a cyclical process rather than a linear one. Oil, it seems, does not have to come out of the ground, and it doesn’t have to have pollution as its end product.

There are many smart people applying themselves to these problems, and many new technologies emerging. On my desk right now is a list of 15 of them. Some take carbon directly out of the air and turn it into other materials, such as cement. Others capture carbon by regenerating degraded tropical rainforests — a fast and cheap method — or sequestering carbon in the soil by means of biochar, which has the added benefit of increasing soil fertility. Some use algae, which can also be used to make biofuel. One makes a carbon-sequestering asphalt. Carbon has been recycled ever since plant life emerged on earth; these technologies and enterprises are enhancing that process.

Meanwhile, courage: homo sapiens sapiens sometimes deserves his double plus for intelligence. Let’s hope we are about to start living in one of those times.


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What is real? Kerry Cassidy on Blue Avians reminds me of Colin Andrews on crop circles

I appreciate long-term researcher Kerry Cassidy’s nuanced approach to the whole issue of info and disinfo, noting how there is often no clear line of demarcation between the two. I first noticed this way back in 1972, when, in answer to a question from the examiners during my defense of my Ph.D. dissertation in Philosophy, I remarked: “The line between fiction and fact — is very fine.”

And, in some cases, I’d say now, it smudges to the point where we’re dealing with fluid concentrations and dilutions of “energies,” rather than steady states with clear demarcations.  

Kerry’s reflections below remind me of renowned researcher Colin Andrews, his evolving view of crop circles in the book The Edge of Reality (2013). When he started investigating crop circles back in the 1980s, he wondered which were “real” (made by ETs) and which “fake” (made by humans). Over the years he decided that he was asking the wrong question. Andrews now recognizes approximately 80% of all crop circles as interactive phenomena involving humans (who “make” them: are “inspired” to make them? are directed to make them? are given the capacity to make them” ) and “others” including other dimensions. I.e., the line between “reality” and  “magic” is yes, very, very fine — and I’d say possibly non-existent whenever we focus close to.

Here’s Kerry, on the current dispute regarding the relative veracities of Corey Goode, David Wilcock, Michael Salla, re: the “Blue Avians, vs. Alfred Webre, Bradley Loves — and probably others. 

Blue Avians Layers of the onion and Thoth Returns

July 29, 2015

by Kerry Cassidy

Kerry’s Blog



Regarding Blue Avians and such… this blogger is closer to the truth than most:

Although so far they are overlooking the obvious connection with the Egyptian “God” Thoth.  This is a significant connection and why for example David Wilcock would be attracted by this information (given his high regard for the RA Material).

It’s highly likely much of this material coming from Corey Goode is at least partially programmed by the same dark group that have been fighting for control of the GIZA stargate.

None of this info is new that Goode is putting out.  Various whistleblowers including Captain Mark Richards and Ashayana Deane (now E’asha Ashayana) speaking for the Guardian races have covered extensively ascension and the shift we are all going through at this time.

Earth has become an ascension planet as of 2012.  Highly recommended for more complete information are her books VOYAGERS with special highlight on the more recent VOYAGERS VOL II THE SECRETS OF AMENTI.

It’s important to recognize that we are always dealing with LAYERS OF TRUTH and consequently falsity underlying it.

I had dealings with Corey Goode early on (by comparison to what’s gone on with David and Corey over the past few months). As it happens, for some reason most bloggers writing about this subject seem not to be members of the Avalon Forum run by my former partner in Camelot, Bill Ryan.  It was Bill Ryan and Christine (his former girlfriend) who first interviewed Corey Goode, to my knowledge.  That interview was done on audio and at first Corey came out under his own name then had them remove his name in part, as the story goes, because he was worried he couldn’t make a living if his potential employers knew he was on the net disclosing info he gained from previous jobs.

Several months ago Corey approached me asking me to look at his numerous posts on Avalon (he had been posting there since 2010 using his real last name as his screen name even spelling it correctly!).  I was told his real name was out on the net as a result and that many if not all Avalon forum members knew his first and last name.  Initially he told me he would use his real name in any interview with me since he ‘wished it wasn’t out there but since it was, hiding was pretty much a ‘lost cause’. Then he turned around and took issue with my use of his name when I released my Captain Mark Richards interview III back in March 2015, when I referenced him briefly in regard to artificial intelligence info he’d released on Avalon, some of which Mark acknowledged as being correct.  And so I removed it after receiving a dubious letter from the Avalon forum all begging me to remove his name as they and he suddenly had decided he would now be incognito!  Not to mention, after he wrote a letter to Youtube management complaining and using his own name to do so–demanding that I remove mention of his name from my video! Quite a lost enterprise considering he was easily found by searching his Avalon screen name on Google…All of which obviously soured any chance of me doing an interview with him.

At any rate he’s apparently once again decided he can be “known” and is coming out with information via David Wilcock and on Gaiam.  I do think if you want to credit Goode as a whistleblower, then Bill Ryan and the Avalon Forum and Christine should be the ones getting the credit.  However, what is apparent to me is that Goode is as confused as most whistleblowers-augmented super soldier types.  Which doesn’t mean that his information is wrong.  It does however bring a lot into question.  I would refer to the illuminati blogger the Ruiner for clarification as to why that might be the case….

However, this isn’t to say that because the military create a disinfo program that they don’t base it on some truth.  They do and this is their tongue-in-cheek way of having it at you (the gullible public).  So they wrap truth in lies and deliver it in such a way that you can’t tell which way is up.  It’s all about discernment.  It is also significant that there would be a heavy backlash against the Goode material created by elements of the military to quickly disinfo it in order to further muddy the waters, and that is exactly what appears to be happening.  Do not discount the elements of truth with Goode’s testimony that contribute to helping you see the bigger picture.

We are dealing with growing understanding of what it really means to be human (some people call this “disclosure”) and on that road, the whistleblowers and contactees are bringing their best recollection of their encounters and experiences out for everyone to see.  In doing so, it is perhaps most sensitive to realize that each vessel (human vessel) is using whatever filtering mechanism they have however clouded they may be.  I do think that it behooves us to listen and note the truth that resonates within each testimony.  If you listen carefully, and have done your research, you will recognize places where any given testimony correlates with previous testimony and helps to sketch in greater relief the big picture of what is really going on.

The trouble is, that with the advent of mind control, remote influencing and numerous techniques to shape a persons mind and perceptions along with an agenda aimed at hiding the truth and keeping humanity in the dark, you have a concoction ideal for inducing skepticism or providing ample groundwork for attacking the messenger.  Regardless of whether such messenger is hapless and well meaning or truly revealing some key truth that helps explain our multi-dimensional reality.

I would suggest that the Goode testimony contains as much real human ‘recall’ of circumstances and details that parallel that of others such as Captain Kaye (Randy Cramer) or Simon Parkes or several others.  We are sharing a ride on a vehicle (Earth) and our dreaming contains important elements of truth about what is actually going on in this hologram.  Attacking the messenger is all very easy but the truth is far more difficult and nuanced than we perhaps would prefer.

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Two Upcoming U.S. Permaculture Conferences — not just for country folk!

Note: If you are new to permaculture, see this and this to get started.

These two conferences will focus on neighborhoods (including suburbs) and cities — WHERE MOST OF US LIVE. Whoo-oo!

Anybody who has not yet imbibed the atmosphere of permaculture, you might want to participate. If in the northwest:

Northwest Permaculture Convergence

Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 10.16.32 AM

If in a city, any east coast city, the VERY FIRST

Urban Permaculture Conference: Sustainability, Education, and Design

Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 10.21.34 AM


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LOCAL GANG NEWS: Proud new chicken (surrogate) Mama and Midwife


Immediate update (two Leah corrections): 1. Actually, there were eight eggs altogether. One exploded (because of gases inside from dead rotting matter), and two never hatched (weren’t fertilized? Who knows!). 2. Leah and her cousin designed and built the coop. Leah and her two sisters and father built the chicken yard fences. 

SO! Leah came to live in our Green Acres ecopod with her five chickens all the way from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania last summer. Right away, she and her cousin constructed a large yard for them that surrounded their little coop (which she designed and made, back in Pennsylvania). Next, we’ve enjoyed chickens, and their eggs — and especially, the joyous “cluck cluck cluck aaaaah!” that they warble with each new member’s egg. This rejoicing goes on four times a day. It used to go on five times a day, until one of the chickens took sick and died.

A while ago, one of the four chickens of Aaron, another young permie, was run over by a car. Around the same time, a neighbor had offered to give him more chickens (he lives in the countryside, so can have unlimited chickens, unlike here, where five is the limit). But . . . the very day before the chicks were to go to Aaron, they all got eaten by a raccoon.

Meanwhile, one of Leah’s chickens was acting “broody” — which means that she kept staying on her infertile eggs and not leaving them, as if they were going to hatch. She remained there for several days (we presume she hops on and off for food and water, but Leah just told me that when she picked her up just now, she had lost a lot of weight).

Talk about timing! You can already tell where this story is going, right?

Aaron and Leah hatched a plan wherein they would substitute five fertilized eggs (he has a rooster) for Leah’s broody hen’s five eggs. Once they hatch, after two weeks they can be transported to Aaron’s place.

The eggs were under their substitute mother hen for 21 days, and hatched on the 22nd day.

The last one hatched this morning. Leah was present for each one as it met the world. Here are her pics.

is he dead? NO!

When I saw this, I asked her, “He the chick dead?” NO. “They all look like that at first.”

sitting on newbornmore again!more!eyes open

Oh my! Life just has a way of going on, no matter how we try to stop or alter it.

Finally, here’s  a photo of the little cage Leah built inside the chickens’ larger pen for this laying in period. Notice the (repurposed) roof. From the old cob oven!

(Presuming her adult chickens accept it, she will keep one of the chicks to replace the one that died.)

Cob Oven Saga


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July through September Astrology: (Finally!), egocentric Leo crashes into service-oriented Virgo

While I’ve been somewhat obsessively focused on the Saturn at 28-29° Scorpio phenomenon (three months: mid-June through mid-September: search “Saturn in Scorpio,” on this site), were I to place this single position in even a limited context, I would mention that Saturn, while in Scorpio, has been squaring Leo, now at 27° of that sign. The symbols for constraint (Saturn) and expansion (Jupiter), have been at odds with one another, displaying a contrast between secrecy (Scorpio) and egocentric display (Leo) 

Now let’s complexify that larger context (which you can notice at any scale: personal to global), to notice that the Saturn/Jupiter phenomenon joins with and is followed by all sorts of other interesting astro positionings, most of them bridging the edge of egocentric Leo and service-oriented Virgo.

Plus, notice: Leo is a masculine sign and Virgo, feminine.

Plus, Venus has just now stationed to go retrograde, forcing us to encounter our values, and, if necessary, through Virgo’s analysis and discernment, to transform them. I think the author is correct: humanity indeed stands at a crossroads. Great article, couched in passionate, precise, deeply feminine writing.

July – September 2015 — Postcards from the edge

July 27, 2015

by Agent 98 Lorna Bevan


“I found god in myself
and I loved her
I loved her fiercely”  

— Nto Zake Shange

Something big this way comes. Behind the stunning astrology of late July, August and September, beyond the dance of the planets, the inner landscape is revealing immense vistas of the supra personal unified field through the window of the Wisdom Cusp of Leo/Virgo ,which is hyper sensitised this summer. Look at the time-line to understand the significance:

The Sphinx Cusp Threshold

  • Transpluto-Isis at 1 Virgo
  • Regulus at 1 Virgo
  • Centaur Nessus at 1 Pisces
  • July 12-July 27  The Jupiter/Saturn square at 29 Leo/Scorpio Master degree
  • July 25                Venus starts her 40 day retrograde on the cusp
  • August 8             Mercury crosses the cusp at the 8:8 Lion’s Gate
  • August 12           Jupiter crosses the cusp into Virgo on August 12
  • August 23           The Sun crosses the cusp
  • October 8           Venus re-crosses the cusp Direct
  • September 25    Mars crosses the cusp

Themes of the Sphinx Cusp:

Re-wilding the Dark Feminine

In recent times, both Transpluto and Regulus have changed sign from Leo to Virgo- Transpluto after 38 years and Regulus after 2400 years in Leo. The transition makes us think of the Egyptian Sphinx, which has the head of a goddess and body of a Lion. “When the nature of the world is revealed, then the mystery of the Sphinx will no longer exist.”  Alice Bailey

Regulus is the archangel Raphael, one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse, ruling over 2400 years of patriarchal power. As the Royal Star transitioned into Virgo, the children of Fatima delivered a letter to the Pope which read that when the heart of the Lion enters the sign of the Virgin, the Sisterhood of Stars will rule. The Age of the Common Woman is beginning and amid the first stirrings of a new consciousness, three male icons of religion have made surprising pronouncements of late. At the end of his life, the great Indian mystic Aurobindo said, “If there is to be a future, it will wear the crown of feminine design”. Pope Francis announced he is not going to judge gay priests and furthermore stated that the church needs a “theology of women.” The Dalai Lama recently made an even more shocking statement: ”the world will be saved by Western women” and when asked if the next Dalai Lama could be female, he said, “If a female Dalai Lama is needed, one will appear.” .As astrologer Michael Lutin says”instead of Regulus bringing a fall from grace, it could be a falling into grace”.

Transpluto –Isis a.k.a Divine Mother, Parvati and Persephone is the transpersonal planet that is farthest out in our Solar Systemic evolutionary scheme. It is an energy that is so vast and all-encompassing that it is usually experienced only on the broadest and deepest of levels by those with a global sensibility. Transpluto is a hypothetical planet outside of the orbit of Pluto. Astronomers have been searching for an explanation of Pluto’s irregular orbit since Pluto was first discovered, and one of the most popular theories is that there is a 10th planet, one outside of the orbit of Pluto, whose gravitational pull distorts the orbit of Pluto. As it enters Virgo, an 77 year era of Divine Mother energy expressed through the heart, creativity, spontaneity of Leo ends and begins a long wave evolutionary process of Divine Mother energy expressed through the service, training, purification and humility of Virgo. Globally and personally, we are moving from the experience of being flooded with the love energy of Divine Mother to learning divine Discrimination, in how to accept and express that vast spiritual redemptive and renewing divine force.

The sign of Virgo –the only sign with a feminine archetype-refracts the Sirius 2nd Ray of Love/Wisdom. All the Rays function through the 2nd Ray, making it and Love/Wisdom the most vital to us. The name Virgo is a corruption of an Atlantean name that was applied to the Mother Principle.  Lilith, the dark moon of astrology, was the name of the last Virgin Goddess of Atlantis.  There are three other names for the Virgin that reveal more about the esoteric nature of this sign:  Eve, Isis, and Mary. Eve is the symbol of the mental nature of humanity and represents the desire for knowledge. Isis has two forms:  veiled and unveiled. Her domain is the realm of the emotions. The veil of Isis symbolises the illusions of the astral plane, while the unveiling of the Goddess reveals the perception of hidden truth.The ancient root of the name Mary is associated with water and Mary is the maternal matrix of form, originating in the sea.

During August and September, as Jupiter and Saturn square each other at the Master 29 degree of Leo and Scorpio ending a whole phase of collective attitudes and awareness, as the planets cross the Sphinx Cusp one by one, humanity is at a crossroads , about to enter a liminal threshold experience “Symbolically, crossroads represent moments in our lives where the unconscious crosses the consciousness, where the eternal crosses the transitory; in other words, times and places where a higher will demands the surrender of our egos. It is at the place of wounding that we find ourselves connected to each other in love, and it is here that we open to loving other people, loving the planet, loving the cosmos.” Jungian Analyst Marion Woodman

Crucifixion–Resurrection-Soul Retrieval

rose So this Venus retrograde- the descent from radiant Evening Star down into the underworld to emerge as the Morning Star between July 25 – August 27 is not going to be all hot pink roses, crystals, champagne and candles. How could it be when she begins her descent in Virgo imprinted with Transpluto’s transpersonal energies? How could it be when Venus is entering her Dark Goddess phase in the World Chart? This is no sugar and spice, goddess lite. Just ponder her many guises – love goddess, warrior princess, dark cupid, femme fatale, innocent virgin-and her many names-Ishtar Isis Lilith Aphrodite Inanna Kali dite Inana Kali. And you contain them all.You contain multitudes.

So when you conjure up Venus, don’t just picture romantic love and valentine’s cards, think of power, the power to love, hate, destroy and create. Think of dancing in the flames.
If you’re drawn to descend with Venus from the heavens to the underworld and back into the light in your own mythic journey, remember to work with ritual to call up your brand of magic, stories and the stars. Your personal myth. Then offer up all your Venus shadow stuff- addictions, relationship co-dependence, creative blocks, over eating, over compromising, settling for less than you’re worth and let them burn slowly until August 27 in her fires of alchemy.

Remember: your purpose is not to look pretty but to be real . Your purpose is not to have it all together but to build a mystery. Curate yourself as you really are, wear clothes that express you, surround yourself with colour, beauty, art and people who get you. Resurrect old passions that bring you alive. So when you think of Venus, don’t think of romance and valentine’s cards but of the primal female power to love, hate, create and destroy. If you’re drawn to descend with Venus and the dark feminine on your own mythic journey, remember to work with ritual to conjure up your own brand of magic, stories and the stars. Offer up all your Venus shadow stuff- addictions, relationship co-dependence and creative blocks, over compromising ,settling for less than you’re worth — and let it all burn away in the calcinatio of her fires. Imagine dancing in the flames of alchemy.

Reflections for the Sphinx Journey

Am I ready to fall down the rabbit hole? Ready to steal back my fire? Ready to step into the garments of my maverick Goddess to reclaim my individuality? Ready to accompany La Que Sabe -she who knows- to the river that lies beneath the river?

How can you own your own voice?

How can you embrace your dark side and its hidden gold?

How can you turn your art into heart?

How many ways will you come alive?

What am I most afraid to say about my life and what am I going to do about it?

How can I gain access to the gifts, capacities, stories of the Wild and Sacred Feminine within?

How many ways can I let my huntress, artist, shaman, priestess self out of her cage of conformity?

What is my emerging narrative and how can I bring to life the personal myth that wants to be born in me?

How can I pay attention to the images and intuitions which come to me directly from the archetypal field?

Make your mantram: My purpose is not to be pretty, my purpose is to be real .My purpose is not to have it all together but to build a mystery


“I wish grace and healing were more abracadabra kind of things. Also, that delicate silver bells would ring to announce grace’s arrival. But no, it’s clog and slog, on the floor, in the silence, in the dark.” Anne Lamott


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