New Sharing Report identifies and weaves together various emergent threads

The “sharing” meme seems to be gathering steam. And it’s well it does, especially during this transition time when our unconscious collective mental structures still make the rigid, countable, measurable assumption that anything one person gives should be returned in some way, equally — i.e., a transactional exchange, whether two-party or more. We need to recognize that the gift keeps on giving. That THIS is how abundance is created, or rather, I should say, recognized. For it is all around us and it is inside us. Each of us is  uniquely expressive and talented, skilled in so many ways . . . All we have to do is let it out, let ourselves go, freely, loud, clear — and with joy! For when we do this, the energy keeps circling round, gathering steam, and coming back. There’s way more than we personally need “out there.” And way more than we personally need “in here.” No need to keep track. That’s the wonder. That’s the trust.

And see this:

Let us shift gifting from an economical foundation to an ecological one

What I find most remarkable about the following post is that it is a Bloomington city employee (and over years, someone who is turning into a friend and ally) who emailed this to me today, saying “It’s right up your alley.” Well . . . let’s hope there are lots of alleys! And there are, all over this town! They could all be transformed into linear parks or permaculture paradises, or at least beautiful pathways, maybe with swings and a sandbox or two, or a little lemonade stand, with homemade cookies and a picnic table nearby — since so few of us use alleys with our cars. Trash and recycling in this town are picked up in front, not in back. So let’s go “alley-pickin'” shall we? That’s what our mother used to call it, when she’d shoo us out the door, suggesting that we go check what’s available that fine summer day. We’d come home with our treasures, play Show and Tell.

Thanks, Vickie! (And yes, I am on shareable‘s email list. Wonderful site, obviously by a new generation, not my own, which still thinks in boring, transactional terms.)

New Report Points to Sharing as Unifying Force for Global Change

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Perspectives on College, and its Value, Then and Now.

This, from cousin Ivan, an English Professor here at IU:

Where have all the English majors gone?

Especially, I’d say, when students have to pay for their own college education (my parents were able to pay mine), and so they must “get a job” after they graduate at the very least to pay off all the loans. But unless they keep up the payments, that’s impossible, and, due to high interest, the amount owed grows. And yet what’s available? Wage-slave”service” jobs.

Meanwhile, it’s not just English Departments that are losing students. The point is, all of the humanities are losing status and value in a world gone mad with consumerism and materialism as the only culturally sanctioned (conditioned, brain-washed) world view. Oh?

Via Zilia, who recently received her Ph.D. (in one of the humanities departments) at IU.

The Day the Purpose of College Changed

After February 28, 1967, the main reason to go was to get a job

I remember all the talks, back in the mid to late ’60s, with my Dad, a doctor, who just shook his head when I told him I was “majoring in philosophy.” He figured I’d never “get a job.” I figured I wouldn’t either, and it scared me at the time, though I tried not to show it. Because even then, I knew I didn’t want a job, not if it would suck out my soul.

Then I did “get a job,” the perfect job! — just after being granted my Ph.D., as full time teacher at New College, then a one-year-old experimental college in Sausalito, California — and was fired after one year for being “too experimental”! That was in September, 1973. But I’ve told that story before. (New College, by the way, after moving to San Francisco, and despite valiant efforts to remain viable in terms of “accreditation,” died in 2010.)

Meanwhile, how did I survive in this world that, even then, felt so foreign to my own values? Philosophy, that’s how. Due to my mental training, I was able to gather and weigh enormous perspectives, to recognize and critique my own thinking processes (conscious and unconscious), to imagine other worlds, and, ultimately to utilize synchronicity to guide me in learning how to blend who I am with what the world needed. Thus, post-firing, after three years eagerly devouring all that philosophical astrologer Dane Rudyhar had to offer, and recognizing the path I had been on — see this:

Dane Rudyhar, Ludwig Wittgenstein, and Me

— beginning in 1976, I started my practice as an “astrological consultant,” interpreting the language of the cycles of our human lives with the symbolic language of planetary cycles. My practice was successful; I loved what I was doing and never looked back.

Thank you, philosophy. And thank you Dad, for paying my college tuition bills. And thank you to my soul, for inserting me into this mad mad world at the moment when nuclear fission was invited into our cultural milieu (the “exploding nuclear bomb,” BTW, could be the perfect symbol of intense, overwhelming creativity, once we get it out of the destructive realm), which also happened to be the time, post WWII, when the middle class finally got a foothold in America. And so my Dad could pay tuition for me and my seven sibs. Even though he didn’t “believe” in my choices, he paid the bills. Thank you again!

I was fortunate; college kids today, not nearly so much. Credit cards and easy credit for school loans, plus rising tuition costs, have together dramatically diminished possibilities for young people at the very beginning of their lives — and at the age when few of them really realize what getting into debt means for their entire future. (I didn’t even own a credit card until I was 36 years old.)

Here’s one of my young podmates, Katarina, a few days ago, talking about the grant writing process with the one person, Melissa (with her friend Ben), who couldn’t make the first, and just completed, 8:00 A.M. “Grant Group” meeting (with breakfast) where they scoped out the complexity of the Tunnel Park Project.


And here’s the full Grant Group, at last night’s neighborhood event: Katarina, Melissa, John, and Heather. At least some of the young ones have college loans to pay off. (The older man snuck into the group photo without realizing it, and we didn’t want to reject him.)


BTW: excuse the fuzzy photos: hand tremor.

Oh well!

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Zen Master and New Greek Finance Minister: Let us first change the climate inside us.

Are we suffering? Then let’s do something about it. And that change begins inside, says Thich Hhat Nanh. And it begins inside our own communities, our own systems of government, say the leftist victors in the new Greek election.

I might quibble with the title of the first post, to say instead, “only love can save us DURING climate change.” Because changing, the climate is. Whether that is due entirely to human industry, greed and shortsightedness, or to the fact(?) that the solar system is changing, and/or passing through another section of the galaxy — either way, we must change the climate, OUR climate, the entire atmosphere of our human community in order to creatively meet and greet what, more and more, we cannot deny — and as the Zen Master says, that might include human extinction within, he says, 100 years. “Doomer” Guy McPherson would draw the extinction line much earlier, This article was written in 2013. What would Thay say now?

Leading spiritual teacher warns that if people cannot save themselves from their own suffering, how can they be expected to worry about the plight of Mother Earth

Meanwhile, in Greece, the unthinkable has been put into action. The nation that supposedly birthed democracy, has it also just rebirthed democracy, snatching it from the hungry maw of oligarchy? Here’s the new finance minister, talking in advance about plans for the aftermath of what just occurred there, and presenting the attitude of fearlessness and no expectations that we must hold, if we wish to act in this volatile, eruptive, Uranus/Pluto push/pull world with equanimity. 

We Are Going to Destroy the Greek Oligarchy System”

January 25, 2014

by Alexandra Reed Kelly


Yanis Varoufakis is tipped to become finance minister of what may become Greece’s leading party after legislative elections Sunday. He tells Britain’s Channel 4 what Syriza will do if it takes power.

Channel 4 economics editor Paul Mason asks Varoufakis, who teaches economics at the University of Athens, “what will you do to [Greece’s] oligarchy, concretely?”

Varoufakis responds, “We are going to destroy the basis upon which they have built, for decade after decade, a system, a network that viciously sucks of the energy and economic power from everybody else in society.”

When Mason notes Varoufakis knows what happened the “last time somebody tried to take power from the Greek oligarchy,” Varoufakis replies that “the good fight has to be fought independently of costs.”


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Terrific comment from new facebook friend about friends and family

And guess who, several days ago, pointed me in the direction of adding this young man to my facebook friend list? Katarina, one of my young podmates!

His comment mirrors our situation here.

Screenshot 2015-01-26 18.28.20

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Re: the accerating “false-flag flagellation”: Julian Rose tells it like it is.

I just received this Julian Rose post from Lance, whose website is down. Obviously, it needs to go everywhere. Having been exposed to the zombies only a few hours ago in the Urgent Care waiting room, I know precisely whereof he speaks. And yet, and yet. The assistant whom I mentioned in that last post also, what a connection we made! About 30 years ago, she told me, she got tired of taking orders from a man. Sixty-two now, shehas been on her own ever since, first with a guard dog, and now with two  cats, who wait for her on the couch when she returns from work. Two worlds existing side by side and interpenetrating space and time. One world excited and propulsive, creative as hell, seeking real connections — even if on the fly; the other pale, rigid, lonely, either too thin or too fat, deadened by conditioning and the “hard time” of survival. Both. Equally real. We choose, moment by moment, which world we occupy.

Do read this Julian Rose post. It says it exactly. I would only add what I read yesterday, that “coincidentally” the Rochschild’s bought the Charlie Hebdo building in December 2014 — presumaly to more easily stage the event? 

Thinking: A Criminal Act?



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Head Trauma: This morning, 11:30 AM.

Was on my usual long morning walk with puppy Shadow. Black ice on the side walk. Going downhill in shoes that have seen better days (i.e., soles with no grip). Both feet went out from under, I landed squarely on the back of my head.

It was an amazing experience. I felt the wide circle of awareness close in to almost, but not quite, a black point (unconsciousness?) and then expand slowly back to its usual 360° horizon. While the closure was going on I felt surrendered into an immense peacefulness.

I lay there for a few minutes, absorbing the shock, and “coming back to my senses.” Puppy Shadow circled around, worried.

As I was about to try to get up, I hear a young male voice, which belongs to, I discovered, “Sydney,” a very sweet chemistry senior at IU. He saw me go down, and rushed to help. I held his arm the rest of the way home, and he accompanied me to the Urgent Care center close by in my car so that I could get myself checked out. There was some blood from an abrasian. No cracked head, no concussion, no headache, just an “awareness” of shock, deep shock, and a trembling that only very gradually released. I only regret that I forgot to take homeopathic Rescue Remedy before heading over to the allopathic treatment place, the waiting room of which reminded me, as I told one of the assistants there, of “the night of the living dead.” She shuddered visibly, and said, “I know.”

“You know that movie?”


We could have gone on to talk about zombies, but did not. I imagine she was grateful.

I am okay, though lying low for the afternoon. Here’s a chart for the “accident.”

Screenshot 2015-01-26 16.25.11


You can see that the Moon, in the final degree of fiery Aries, is right past the Ascendant, and Pluto, lurking as usual in Capricorn, is just coming on to the midheaven while of course, squaring Uranus in the 12th house. The time 11:30 AM is within a few minutes of exactness. Those two planets were within close orb of the Ascendant and Midheaven (the two windows of the energy pattern for that moment that connect/and project what’s going on inside to what’s going on outside). Bingo!

A sudden (Moon in Aries on Ascendant) fall, hitting my head (Aries), combined with structural (Pluto in Capricorn on Midheaven): a sudden traumatic structural shift inside my head, my brain? My mind? Who knows? Stay tuned.

Oh, and BTW: the hot water heater started to overflow its release pipe yesterday. The plumber, who arrived early this morning and replaced the (very old) hot water tank, told me on the phone yesterday that had the release pipe not been there, the hot water heater would have “exploded through the roof.”  Not sure when that flow began. I discovered it mid-morning yesterday, about when the Moon conjuncted Uranus. Downtown, one of the restaurants, at noon yesterday, suddenly filled with smoke from the recycling area, and had to be evacuated while firemen rushed in.

There is definitely a long-running Uranus/Pluto disturbance in the atmosphere, no? Especially through March, 2015, at the end of which it finally starts to wane energetically. And yet this can be a hugely creative moment, if we grab hold and run with it, while remaining centered and grounded (sure of where our feet are, paying closer attention than I did this morning. I could easily have stepped off onto the grass on the downward slope — I even considered it! — but did not, and paid the price).

Creative moment: For example, a bunch of us Green Acres podmates and neighbors are going to attend the second annual CONA (Council of Neighborhood Associations) dinner and celebration this evening, 7-9 p.m..

I might hang on to another young one’s arm as we walk down the street.

Screenshot 2015-01-26 16.28.59



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One investigative reporter’s attempt to explain just how the Gov/Tech Surveillance/War Complex works

I find this extraordinary crowd-funded investigative report very difficult to even begin to grasp. How did the author do it? How did he enter, poke around, start to comprehend and then actually manage to (or pretend to?) map the no-doubt-continously-morphing, confusing, whizzing matrix of the global electronic brain, much less stating who caused what, when, why, where, and how? Ye gods. One thing I did notice, loud and clear as I tried, and failed, to comprehend the enormity of the system that we humans have created via technology to float on and override Nature’s infinitely more complex, and always, to us, mysterious living magnificence, is the number of females in “important positions,” one of them an expert in showing how to use empathy to manipulate. Ye goddesses.

As much as I admire this report, I can’t help but get the impression that nobody, but no one person really has, or can have a “handle” on the whole thing. That as a “system,” if you can call this ugly, metastisizing mess that, it is already out of control, proliferating in banks, in edge cities around metropolises, in universities, think tanks — all aspects of or parasitic upon the MIC: military industrial complex, including aerospace and other weapons companies, security companies, those that build and supply the nearly 1000 U.S. bases worldwide, not to mention the Breakaway Civilization and the Secret Space War, etc. etc., on and on. Surveillance and War: what Empire’s economy runs on. Far cry from the ecological foundation that, sooner or later, we will return to, when the entire wired (or wireless) digital, off/on, zero/one, zero-sum edifice self-destructs into its own toxic complexity.

Via Lance.

How the CIA Made Google

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