Growing Cities (film): “I think that the way the world is going now, we just need to grow more food.”

I would agree. And I can’t imagine anything more important than to focus on this holy holy ground! Ebola, schmola! ISIL, smylsil! I’m done, at least today, with all the stuff that’s still scaring everybody (though beginning to lose its punch, notice?) to attend instead on what we’re doing that’s productive — and fun!

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but Mother Earth and Father Sun are communing with us so very powerfully these days. Both feel more intensely alive than usual. All we need do is stop and feel them, and their dynamic relationship, within us and in the world around. That final eclipse of 2014 yesterday may indeed have set in motion the slow, gradual grand transformation and integration of  the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine into Unity.

Speaking of which, this trailer just in from Mitch. He says that as a filmmaker, it looks well done, and they are promoting community screenings.

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Today’s GANG garden news — and more

I’ve been completing the review of the editing of my manuscript, A Soul’s Journey, which I vowed to finished prior to Mercury turning to go direct. Just as I was about to get to the final chapter, Rebecca walked in and ordered me outside, “Get out there! The summer is coming to a close! Get in that sunshine!”

Well, she may not know this, but while she was away in California I’ve been outside in the GANG garden every single day for about a week now, at least one hour, sometimes two, harvesting tomatoes, lotuses from the pond and leaves — plus pulling up tomato plants and drying the ever-replenishing stores of tomatoes as they go from green to blushing red, and you know? I think today I shall take a break and repair myself to Target to get new underwear!

Part of my task these past days, was to take out the dying tomato plants that had climbed up the fence, chop them up, and put back on the same beds as mulch. Now you can actually see through the fence! For months, it had been a solid green wall.


I now think I should have left a few of the plants there to brace against winter wind. Too late . .  .

Yesterday I harvested leaves from my front yard onto a big tarp and then stomped on them to crush them — all as mulch for beds. Question: when leaves turn from green to brown: does that mean that they change from nitrogen to carbon? Must look that up.

For the past week Duncan has worked to dig up the layers of composted wood chips that have been on the paths and putting that on the beds, as mulch. Then of course, add new chips to the now bare paths. Good idea and an ambitious project. Told him it feels like he’s terraforming.

Rebecca just warned me not to harvest the daikon radishes randomly scattered throughout the beds. Said they store well in the ground, and she wants them later for kim chi.

The garden is looking so old-fashionedly sweet, don’tcha think?


Still need to pound that sign down a bit so it doesn’t walk off.

The six podmates (in this first two house pod of the Green Acres Neighborhood Ecovillage) have decided to hold two gardening work parties the next two Sundays in late afternoon, to complete the process of getting the garden to bed for the winter. Will seed more mini-clover grass on those beds thus mulched.

After the second one, I’ve already emailed the neighborhood about our “Post-Halloween Scary Stories Potluck and Bonfire” here, starting at 6:30 p.m. Sunday, November 2. Stories required, masks optional.

That’s three days before I leave on a 12-day flight to this year’s Crones Counsel (Nov 5-09) in St. George Utah, then four days camping in Zion, and finally, the UFO Congress in Laughlin, Nevada (Nov. 14-16). All within hours of one another, and all with my good friend and fellow UFO buff and crone, Joan Bird. Yay!

Okay, time to get that underwear. It’s one purchase I do not make at Goodwill.



Here’s a

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Alan Watts: “I have often puzzled and puzzled, what it must be like, to go to sleep and never wake up. . .”

On this morning (as any morning), when we tend to get entranced by habits and stuff and people and dramas, the bracing and provocative remarks of Alan Watts are always welcome. In this ten minute segment, ostensibly about our musings on “death,” Watts slyly brings us to the tantalizing brink — of shedding ego for mystery.


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Good News: Obama launches Solar Energy Job Program for 50,000 Veterans

Okay, okay, it’s probably politically timed for the mid-term election. So what? It’s still good news. And let’s make sure that the solar projects these vets end up installing are small, local, and everywhere, rather than centralized corporate behemoths that cover deserts, require long-distance transmission, and refill the same old top-down corporate structure with new content. 

I.e., not this:



 But this:


Just took this photo of the front of the DeKist house, next to mine, with colorful “ecowarriors” sticking to the front wall,  the beginnings of fruit and nut bearing bushes, new asparagus asparagus next to the road, and solar installation that works for both houses on the roof:  32 panels; 16 each for each houses, about 75% of current electric usage. We aim to get that down.

In One Fell Swoop, Obama Announces Solar Jobs for 50,000 Veterans and Takes On Climate Change

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Don’t EVER order these “foods”!

If you’re like me, once or twice a year you find yourself in a situation where the ONLY nourishment available is “fast food.” Here’s a heads’ up on what to avoid:

14 Fast Food & Restaurant Employees Confess The One Item You Should Never Order


At McDonald’s it’s anything with the word “McCafe” in front of it . . .

MacDonalds, BTW, the world’s largest fast-food outfit — to my disgust, on a trip there in 1992 I noticed that I could see the ghastly Golden Arch while standing in front of Giza’s Great Pyramid — has just announced that last quarter profits fell 30%.

McDonalds says it vows fresh thinking. How about really fresh, as in fresh food?

Hey! How about going all the way? Break up this corporate behemoth. Transition  every McDonalds franchise into a locally-owned, locally-sourced, locally run food stand that features fresh organic food grown on nearby roofs and patios and yards and abandoned lots to create oases in inner city “food deserts”?


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13 Venus cycles with 8 Earth cycles carve this beautiful mandala

On the very afternoon of our delicious immersion in Venus’s exact conjunction with the New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse, all at 0+° Scorpio and sextile Mars in late Sagittarius exactly conjunct the Galactic Center (see this and this) — whew! all this in one configuration? Depth, passion, perspective? Yes! On this stunning day when Mars is harmoniously juiced by the primal current sourcing through the GC down through our Sun in a straight line with both our Venus and our Moon in Scorpio — I receive the following, from my cousin Ben in Minnesota, via fb message. I don’t know if Ben knows about today’s powerful cosmic energies. One way or another, both a delightful synchronicity, and an illustration of how Venus dances with Earth every eight years to carve out a five-petaled flower, or star. Five: the number of Man, who, through incarnating into a body, learns, via Venusian attraction, to refine his or her choices through the use of free will. Thanks, Ben!

1045146_630143970339951_1199520085_nScreenshot 2014-10-23 17.48.52


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Detroit Rising: “I hear the words ‘love’ and ‘Detroit’ together, a lot.”

In this time of Uranus/Pluto collapse of old structures, the soil of bellweather Detroit, now down to half its former population, is bursting with seeds.

For example, this: One look in young Veronika’s strong, steady, vibrant eye, and you know that she both knows, and can DO.

“No matter what you’ve gone through, you can still do a lot with what you have.”

Via Kauilapele

Here’s MSM Dateline’s larger perspective on Detroit Rising, not quite a year ago.

“Taking pieces of Detroit’s wreckage, and refashion them into something new . . .”

“Curbside economics: no task too small to galvanize industrious thinking.”

“We have to awaken the kids to a larger dream of this city.”

“Where I see a burned out building, Tim sees opportunity.”




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