October 23 Solar Eclipse and Divine Masculine and Feminine Rebalancing, Take 2: “Has the atmosphere on Mars changed?”

On my walk with puppy Shadow this morning, I realized that I needed to do a Take 2 on the upcoming October 23 Solar Eclipse.

For yesterday’s article (Take 1) see:

Does this October 23 Solar Eclipse ease the relationship between the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine?

I wrote that piece in a white heat, even more so than usual. On the other hand, I must confess that whatever I’m going to say in response to something I see on the internet or in the world is usually unknown! I just get a feeling — a sort of uncomfortable”knot” in gut and heart and awareness — that needs to unravel. I can’t help but allow it to do that, word by word, phrase by phrase, sentence by sentence, without my knowing what the next word or string of words will be.  This kind of writing requires enormous trust, obviously! And when it comes in a white heat like yesterday, I sometimes wonder if I really am crazy. As usual, all I could do to maintain my center during that rushing river of words was opt for grace and balance while falling through the rapids. (BTW: It helps that I do Tai chi daily!)

That said, I realize that my style, and my consciousness, naturally inclines to sketching out big perspectives in broad strokes (“Like a cartoon,” one of my professors once commented, and then added: “But you’re largely right” But was he right?). Especially does this kind of inspired? infused? ignorant? writing come now, impulsed by whatever’s going on regarding transit Mars and the Galactic Center and my own natal Sun, all lined up at around 27° Sagittarius!

I mentioned late last week —where? When? Aaaah. It was in commentary to the Jessica Murray post on October 17th —

On strong, disturbing Mars transits to the U.S. chart now through mid-December

— that a once-in-a million-year comet — whooee! What’s the import of that?!— would whiz by Mars on Sunday, October 19. To me, this exceptionally rare Mars event adds extraordinary punch to the idea that not only our experience of Mars (male energy), but the physical planet Mars itself (after a million years?) is being slam-banged into a new configuration.

Here’s a post from today about Sunday’s event and WOW!

Sliding Spring Comet Causes Huge Explosion on Mars

Huge is an understatement. The flashing seems to cover at least 2/3 of the face of Mars. Note  the commentator’s question about the explosion: “Did it change the atmosphere”?

Yes, and did this physical explosion on the surface of Mars herald a change in the atmosphere of the way Mars energies work on Earth, inside human beings, a transformation of the way Masculine energy works, from unconscious to conscious? From the mind-controlled “soldier” who kills and destroys to the independent, self-aware “warrior” who protects and guards with his very life the Divine Feminine from whom new life is born and nurtured?

In yesterday’s white heat, I forgot to mention the connection between the Sun/Moon/Venus Solar Eclipse at 0° Scorpio with the fact that when Mercury turned to go Rx on October 4th, it was at 2° Scorpio, just barely past that same 0°. It retrograded over 0° Scorpio again on September 28-29, and kept going, back into late Libra. On October 25, only two days past the Solar Eclipse, it will turn to go direct at 16° Libra, and then retrace the same ground again until it reaches 0° Scorpio and on to 2° Scorpio, where it finally passes out of the “shadow” of the retrograde period.

I sense that this area of Scorpio, 0-2°, will be highly charged during that period, echoing both the solar eclipse with Venus sextiling Mars, and Mercury’s own backtracking period of coming to terms with what it knows.

Just today on facebook I saw where a sweet young woman, daughter of an old friend of mine, has finally decided, despite eight heart-wrenching months of couples counseling, that their partnership is at an end. She tells the world, and is admittedly very sad about this recognition. How many other relationships are coming to terms with the completion of their cycles — or their regeneration? Both are possible.

And how many of us are consciously reworking the alchemical relationship within ourselves of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine during this storied time?

And what will be the fallout collectively, over the years, and decades, and centuries, of these rebalancings, both internal and external?

And just to add one more punch to this idea, check out a new jhaines post today that also references the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine.

Bamboo Water: Enders Game, My Preliminary Thoughts







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“It’s a bird! It’s a plane!” Ye gods, is it really Superman?

Via americankabuki.


The man has been dubbed ‘Superman of Macclesfield’ after he was spotted in the air over the Cheshire town

Man flies by airplane and Manchester Airport


The official report in to the incident on Friday June 13 admitted it was ‘unfortunate’ and ‘frustrating’ there was ‘no way of corroborating what they had reported’.

It added that the flight crew ‘couldn’t be certain that it wasn’t a person-shaped balloon.’

Aviation expert Chris Yates said: ‘It is a complete and utter mystery.’



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The “Double Government,” one a pretender and another that calls the shots, hits the mainstream.

I went downtown to vote (early) today. This was after I had read the following piece. I figure that at least local elections still matter, and that’s what I focus on in every aspect of my life, local local local!

Unknown-2Most interesting about this piece is that it appeared in the MSM Boston Globe, and that its subject is an author who is both a respected academic and a government insider whose new book was published by the MSM Oxford University Press. 

Vote all you want. The secret government won’t change. 

Here’s a review of the book, also in the Boston Globe.

“National Security and Double Government, by Michael J. Glennon

I keep wondering what my very Republican dad, who died two years ago, would say about all these revelations. Now that the shadow government is being exposed, can the black budget for the Secret Space Program, ongoing since Roswell in 1947, be far behind? See, for example, independent historian Richard Dolan, author of UFOs and the National Security State, his presentation at the 2013 Citizen Hearing on Disclosure. The Shadow Government and the UFO/ET Presence go hand in hand.




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Does this October 23rd Solar Eclipse Ease the Relationship between Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine?

Huh? — you say? Relationship? What relationship?

Men are from Mars and women are from Venus (and never the twain shall meet). Okay, okay. I know that title’s a bit grandiose, and makes several wild assumptions.

First of all, so few people understand, much less appreciate, even the bare possibility of the Divine Masculine. Men are turned into soldiers, robotically following the dictates of their higher-ups to kill and destroy, not warriors, whose mission is to guard and protect all of life.

Secondly, the Divine Feminine is, though much balley-hooed, (and makes me think of women in gauzy layers with frame drums lighting candles and chanting) is certainly not that clear to most people either, even most women, who, in our culture, are still busy trying to be men, trying to win, compete; despite their softer natures, they deliberately harden themselves, in order to soldier on in this competitive, dog-eat-dog capitalist culture.

And of course, as we’re hearing more and more about, women in this and other cultures (not to mention girls, and boys, the children of the world) how they are brutalized, raped, subjugated, sold into slavery, and so on. So what am I talking about, “divine feminine” and “divine masculine”? What a joke!

And the two together? Whooey? What would that look like, beyond adolescent farcical C.K. Louis comedy sex sketches?

Here’s why I make the title’s possible bold prediction. I speak from the heart of the chart of the eclipse itself.

Screenshot 2014-10-19 12.00.31

First: the Sun/Moon conjunction — for that is what all solar eclipses are, particularly potent new moons, signifying new beginnings — just happens to fall at 0° Scorpio. Both Sun and Moon slide into Scorpio on that very day, October 23, and conjunct each other just past Venus, also at 0° Scorpio.

Sun and Moon: 0°25 Scorpio

Venus: 0°03 Scorpio.

Now if that co-incidence isn’t interesting, I don’t know what is. As the two luminaries slide into the depths of passionate, potent, underworld Scorpio, their eclipse happens to coincide, exactly, with Venus, the archetype of female, also at 0° Scorpio, the transformational sign that signifies death and rebirth.

Plus, and get this: Mars, Venus’s archetypal opposite in their grand coupling, happens to be at 28° Sagittarius on this same day, within one degree of the 27° Galactic Center.

Now, whatever the Galactic Center is astrophysically, from an astrological perspective it’s the big kahuna of the Milky Way Galaxy, and I for one, see it as streaming enormous creative energy continuously from the white hole in the center of its black hole into its very own galaxy, the one this teensy-weensy solar system happens to reside in (at the outer edges of one of its five(?) arms).

I say this because my own natal Sun happens to fall at 27° Sagittarius, and this is how I’ve always seen/felt the Galactic Center. I feel it in my bones. I feel it rushing through me. I feel it. I do.

And guess what? The universally beloved pioneer who just died, Masaru Emoto, happened to have his natal Ascendant at 28° Sagittarius, where Mars is now, within one degree of the G.C.


Did Emoto not stream a new energy of understanding into the world or what? And was he not a warrior? Did he not guard and protect life itself by recognizing and sharing his astonishing discovery that water mirrors and resonates with human consciousness?

Please remember: Scorpio, where Sun/Moon/Venus slide into altogether on October 23, is a water sign.

To continue the theme of water: Emoto had his natal Sun sliding into the final degree of another water sign: Cancer (28°38). Now it is said that the final degree of any sign is the most karmic, where the lessons of that sign must be learned. Cancer is the sign of home and family. And did not Emoto, according to his wife, say that his final remark, “Arigato” (Thank you) was meant for all of us, for his human family?

So. Mars at 28° Sagittarius, just past the GC, on the eclipse day. And why do I say this eclipse may signify the  marriage of the (transformed) divine masculine with the divine feminine?

Because Mars, at 28° Sagittarius, happens to be 62° away from the Sun/Moon/Venus conjunction at 0° Scorpio. That’s a close sextile relationship, of harmony, ease. The marriage of the questing (Sagittarius) Mars warrior who guards and protects life with the deep pool of emotional attunement symbolized by Sun/Moon/Venus in Scorpio.

The Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine, by the way, are not just confined to particular genders of the human body. They are principles, archetypes, they reside in us all, and when allowed and balanced, they combine to fertilize continuous creation.

Usually, however, they are not allowed. Instead, they are perverted, denied, torqued into unimaginable distortions. As did my seven year old son Sean realize, in 1971, when he suddenly turned to me, out of the blue, and stated, in a flat voice not his own: “THE MAN IN YOU HATES THE MOMMY.”

Perhaps you can imagine all the years I have spent learning to heal these two divinities within myself, both separately, and together?

Recently, at a family dinner in Seattle after our Mom died, one of my brother’s in law, in a jocular mood, said to me, “Hey Ann! What’s up? Is there a man in your life? You’d better watch out or you’ll be left without a man for the rest of your life.”

I responded intuitively, and not without humor: “Why should there be a man in my life? I am whole.”

It’s time for each of us to become whole, to integrate these beautiful principles within ourselves. Even the bare thought of that initiation, does it not send shivers up your spine?

Perhaps it’s time for rejoicing, for ceremony?

May this solar eclipse of October 23, 2014 usher us through the gate into our Love.

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New Yorker Video: “California: Paradise Burning”

You may want to think that this kind of extreme climate change will never happen to you where you live. Think again. Prepare. Not by becoming an isolated “prepper” — food stores piled in the middle, surrounded by guns — but by rejoining the human race. Just as Californians need to feel our empathic connection with their bewildered astonishment at how their paradise is dissolving into dust, so do all peoples suffering from the ravages of climate change, wars, inequality — suffering of all kinds. The more empathic our connection, the stronger our bonds, the greater our capacity for collective transformation.

Via zerohedge.

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Monday Morning Chronicles: So where does change begin?

Sorry, can’t resist. Here goes.

Okay, buckle down. What’s new THIS Monday morning, October 20, 2014?

Well, Fulford always weighs in on Monday morning, sometimes with Wilcock’s commentary, like today.

New Ben Fulford blurb, with David Wilcock’s skeptical commentary.

BTW: I too, have a sense that both ISIS and Ebola (Zen Gardner calls it “eboloney.” Nice!) have reached their peak and are beginning to wind down. If so, what new psy-op next?

I thought maybe it would be this strange underwater business off the coast of Stockholm, but now it appears, at least according to RT (consider the source, as ever), that what lurked there might have been a Dutch sub, not the Russkies after all. Darn! There goes that psy-op possibility.

The new channeled information from the spirit of Mathew Ward is of more interest than usual. As ever, he  keeps his view of Obama as the meant-to-be world savior whose transformative initiatives have been foiled by the political forces that surround him. In this post he gives his view of historical forces that have brought us to this crux time, with the years 2007-2017 constituting a “delay” in implementing the paradise we are all awaiting, due to unexpected intransigence of the .0001% who continue to resist getting off their hidden thrones. Huh? Unexpected? Interesting, nonetheless.

Mathew’s Message, October 19. Ebola; ISIS; 2007; 2017; NESARA; Earth’s Golden Age master plan; decade of delay, cause and effect; foreknowledge of free will choices

Meanwhile, letting go of both lone rangers like Fulford and Wilcock who claim to have the inside track on Earth, not to mention Mathew Ward and other lone ranger channels from “the other side” as well, I like what Zen Gardner has to say about where we are now. The energies are rising. We can feel it all around us. More importantly, we can feel it in ourselves.

Keep going. What is yours to do? Do that, whether it be inside you, in your household, your yard, your block, your neighborhood, your community. It’s YOURS. No one else can do what you came here to do.

But, you whine, “How do I know what I’m supposed to do?”

Here’s how. Do that first thing, the one that nags at you; the one you’ve been putting off as unrealistic and impossible, or just “Too hard; it would upset too many people, too many habits, too many systems. My security, and that of my family, would be at risk. Just can’t.”

Well, then,  so why does it still keep following you around? Just do it. The impossible has a way of morphing into miracle. I know. I’ve been there. At this point, when the momentum for doing that first thing — and it may be infinitesimally small and intensely potent, both! — has ignited your aliveness, then the next thing you’re to do will show itself! Do that, and then the next, on and on. Pay attention to synchronicities, dreams, chance remarks. Yes, pay attention to the miraculous unfolding of your unique life!

Don’t worry about results. Or others’ views of you. Instead, demonstrate, by your own unflinching integrity, your willingness to show up and be counted; demonstrate how, when you do empower yourself, no bogey man will grab you and slit your throat. Or, maybe he will! After all, it’s Halloween time, and zombies are all around us. But YOU ARE NOT A ZOMBIE. Right? Prove it. Prove it to yourself.

If you do not find your voice, and if your voice does not call out it’s intention and act upon it, then there’s a hole in the universe where you’re supposed to be.

The Peaceful Power of Confidence

October 19, 2014

by Zen Gardner



I’ve often said the awakening is happening at a fantastic rate. This has been met with some skepticism, and understandably so, as evidence of this catalytic process can seem unapparent in the barrage of negative news and the absolute stupor most people are still in. Our outside world only appears to be more insane by the day while the reaction of earth’s inhabitants seems to be minimal, even regarding their own openly threatened freedoms and very survival.

But I affirm otherwise.

I’m simply presenting spiritual realities at work that are actually more evident by the day. It just takes the eyes of consciousness to see it fully – in fact, to feel it. We’re learning to rely on new awakening senses and this is a big part of the process. Allowing those vibrations to surface in our hearts and minds and listening to them is the next stage we’re encountering. And then to act on them.

That may seem a stretch to some, but actually we all do this every day. It just depends on our source of information. We take the input and mix it with our levels of understanding with a lot of emotional and past history usually mixed in. We weigh up where we think things are going, try to evaluate it, and then it becomes part of our worldview and in turn affects our actions.

This is exactly why getting to the place of detachment from old patterns and into a more full conscious awareness of the big picture, especially spiritually, is so very important. Otherwise we’re going to reinvent the matrix within and without us with a new look and coat of paint.

Cultivating Confidence
It’s easy to be a skeptic, and we all are to varying degrees. It’s healthy when it comes to anything coming out of the matrix and its juggernaut of disinformation. But regarding spiritual realities and the underlying true and good aspects of the human condition and our amazing Universe we’re all intrinsically connected to, it’s time to imbibe freely and fully partake of the wonder and awe and all it has to offer.

It’s free for the taking by simply allowing it. The experience it brings explains everything, only without words. Not the interpretation of others and all that claptrap although it can be helpful, but our own personal experiential understanding that evolves.

What strikes me when observing the reaction to the manufactured ebola scare roll out or some of these other obvious programs, is how so many are not yet sure footed in their convictions about the fundamentals of spiritual and conscious realities. It’s not in the least bit complicated or some far off, hard to attain mountain to climb. Available to all is such wonderful fundamental truth and personal conviction. It’s something we need to remain grounded in at all times, especially when dealing with all types of information in these whipped up storms of insane common sense reversals, confusion and fear.

When you find that place it gives you a wonderful confidence. This knowledge keeps the smile on your face, the bounce in your step, and most of all the warm and compassionate love in your heart well kindled. But without this anchor of understanding you’ll be lost at sea and tossed about by every wind and wave with no seeming reference point.

Stay the course by confident knowing and operate from there.

It’s Coming Together Quickly

I know many people can feel what I’m talking about. But the evidence of awakening may still seem elusive. However I don’t think it is by any means. As far as recent news, the eugenic Gates Foundation is getting slammed in an Indian court, Monsanto’s taking major hits, the false flags are exposed as soon as they happen, government crackdowns are being stood up to, corruption is being exposed, and the eboloney scam, whatever it turns out to be, is being dissected, trounced and unraveled as fast as the next ridiculous incident happens.

This is all while individuals join the ranks of the awakened continually, which many of us can attest to. This doesn’t even touch on the many spiritual technologies at work amongst the awakened, working hard to change the vibrational field we’re being bombarded with.

Pretty damn cool. As far as exterior signs, I was super encouraged by the Indian courts going after the Gates Foundation over their horrific and fraudulent vaccine program in particular as these arrogant bastards have been marching around the globe pushing their vaccine, chemtrail and GMO crap for far too long. All under the guise of some benevolent humanitarian foundation. I’m glad it’s the Gates because you couldn’t ask for more shallow fragile puppets to go after and scare the hell out of.

Believe me, for all their arrogance they are afraid.

When I read the article and thought about what a significant turn of the tide that represents I just knew it was the marvelous burgeoning world of alternative information that’s responsible. While the west is under this curtain of mind control, other parts of the world are not quite as stupefied and it’s obvious what the West is doing. Not only with vaccines and GMOs but their horrific imperialism wreaking havoc and death indiscriminately in lands they have no business being in.

These outside awake observers are the people who will survive a worldwide holocaust and live to tell the tale to future generations.


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Just who are the real terrorists?

An unusually concise and unflinching compendium of the ongoing horrors perpetrated by our puppet governments.

The Imaginary War on Terror, by Peter Eyre, October 10, 2014


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