Post July 20-21: Fulford, Keenan, Wilcock, the cabal, and aliens.

Lone_ranger_silver_1965On the day after the fabled July 20-21 period, when both Saturn and Uranus turned, controlling Saturn to go direct and wild Uranus to go retrograde, and the world did not blow up, here’s one of the threads of meaning that just got jolted with electricity:

For those who believe/hope that Lone Rangers of any ilk, no matter how well meaning, informed, and courageously active (e.g. Ben Fulford, Neil Keenan, Kevin Annett, et al,) can “save the world,” this post is for you. Also for you, if you wonder about “aliens.” Read on.

Here’s a bit of Fulford’s new post, as picked up by Lance White (aka zany mystic):


Screenshot 2014-07-22 14.40.02


As Lance says, at the very least it’s mighty entertaining. Fulford goes on to say that nobody, but “nobody’s taking the bait” in this latest absurdist rollout of a justification for war with Russia.

Later: just read the whole Fulford post here. WOW! It IS interesting, and, like many of us, he notes the exquisite timing, right between the BRICs development bank announcement and the latest slaughter of Palestinians in Gaza. cites David Wilcock’s reply to this new Ben Fulford post, saying that he basically agrees with Fulford, that his dreams are indicating that the fall of the cabal is at hand.

David Wilcock comments on Ben Fulford’s Article

Neil Keenan also has a whopper of a new post — at least from the title. Have not yet had time (or inclination?) to pursue it myself.

Neil Keenan — It’s Show Time!

For more on these kinds of possible developments head on over to jhaines and to veteranstoday. Wilcock points to Gordon Duff and Preston James of veteranstoday as talking about a change in relationship between ETS and humans. They are “both saying that a critical shift has occurred between benevolent ETs helping us and the cabal.”

But then there’s John Michael Greer’s interesting perspective on aliens, one I hadn’t considered:

Smile for the Aliens

My own perspective on “aliens” keeps evolving. At first, I thought they were all “good,” here to save us. Then I heard about “bad” ones, reptilians, greys, etc. So I tried to adjust my beliefs to include them all. And, of course, to wonder who was really who, just as I wonder sometimes about humans! Once I admitted into my worldview both “good” and “evil” aliens, the situation got a lot more complicated — still pretty much a black/white polarized attitude on my part, however.

Meanwhile, I had been long familiar with (and for the first decade, scoffing at) David Icke’s view of the cabal as sharing a reptilian bloodline, and with the idea that a very long time ago, humankind was seeded here by aliens of one stripe or another, or interbred with “the sky gods,” (as in the Bible), and so on. It’s hard for me to keep any of this straight. Lately, what seems to be the main alternative view in circles I’m drawn to is that aliens have always both walked among us, live above and within the Earth, too, are hybridized with us, are being either guided or controlled by us, and so on, and that the cabal itself is simply following alien orders.

Question, but if they’ve been here all along, if we have “alien” DNA, then why call them “alien”?

Then a few weeks ago, my friend Keith (while telling me, with seeming casualness, “I read it twice,”) handed me the the book “All of the Above,” by Timothy Scott Bennett (also director of the feature length documentary, “Way to Go: Life at the End of Empire”). The book, billed as “fiction,” simply blew me away, with its intricately textured plot and characterizations of human and “aliens” and various dimensions, all inspired by what appears to be the author’s view that things are just so weird and entangled that we can have no idea what’s going on, who’s helping who, or not, what any of the many species and dimensions of “aliens” and the various networks of humans are really up to spiritually, sociologically or geopolitically. One thing’s for sure, they’re messing with our minds. Or they seem to be! Or some of them are.  It’s an amazing book, and he’s writing a sequel.

And that’s sorta where I, or rather, my left brain, “stands” now.

Keep opening to the Mystery, eh?






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GOOD NEWS: Urban food projects and transforming victim consciousness



Let’s channel Saturn (which turned to go direct yesterday) to funnel the wild, exciting Uranus energy on this day that it turns to go retrograde, to completely revolutionize our world-view, including the idea that we have to import GMO/pesticides/germicided “food-like” processed substances from afar to eat and that we are, just in general, mere pawns, tossed to and fro at the whim of  “powers that be.”

As Laura Bruno writes, in a post just today, repeating a comment she put on this blog, NOW is NWO transposed. No time like the present. Indeed, the present is gifted to us. Let’s take it and run.

Speaking of which, today, in another of our long-running conversations, my friend Keith and I agreed to take on the issue of water fluoridation in our town. Will begin by presenting on the subject at a meeting of our City Council soon. Now that other cities and towns have successfully banished flouride from their water, it will be a lot easier — and a great opportunity to educate the “general public” as to how our municipal water is being fluoridated to dumb us down, render us the placid pawns “they” still think we are. NOT!


• Ten Urban Agriculture Projects from Europe’s Greenest City: Freiburg, Germany

• How Rooftop Farms Yield 20 Times More Produce than Traditional Cities



• A Small Town Just Came Up With A Surprisingly Simple Way To Stop Fracking Dead In Its Tracks

• These Young People are Pioneering Appalachia’s Post-Coal Economy

• Health Ranger reveals brush with poverty, financial survival and urgent warning for humanity’s future








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Current events through the lens of biting humor: three takes.

On this exciting, explosive Uranus-turning day when various pundits warn that we are now smack in the middle of the most dangerous period geopolitically in 69 years, surpassing even the Cuban Missile Crisis, let us throw up our hands and deliver ourselves to the gods of laughter. Shake ourselves up. Let go of doom, gloom, fear, rage,  hopelessness — and whatever else “they” are trying like hell to amplify inside us to the point of no return.

1. From three years ago, still all too relevant:

2. Cartoon? Or crazy-making.



New Terror Group OSIRIS Rivals ISIS’s Caliphate

July 21st, 2014

by Kevin Barrett

Just when you thought synthetic terrorism couldn’t get any goofier, a new takfiri terror group calling itself OSIRIS (Organization of Silly Islamic Radical Idiot Savants) has declared a new caliphate.

Caliph Ubu Bakr al-Bulldoody of OSIRIS explained: “We really like the idea of naming fake jihadi groups after pagan gods and goddesses. So why stop with ISIS? The more caliphates, the merrier.”

Al-Bulldoody (“call me Ubu”) explained that he is entitled to rule over the world’s two billion Muslims, and wage jihad against the 1,999,999,999 of them who are deviants and infidels, due to his possession of a gold-plated Dick Tracy radio wristwatch that a nice CIA man gave him. “This really cool wristwatch signifies my indisputable authority over the entire House of Islam, and its garage and garden shed too,” Bulldoody asserted. “It also gives me the right to make chopped liver paté out of any Muslim who rejects my authority and disputes my interpretation of scripture.”

But is human liver paté halaal? Al-Bulldoody answers in the affirmative: “Every finger-licking morsel of human liver paté ingested by anyone connected with OSIRIS comes with a seal of approval attesting to the fact that it has been blessed by a rabbi.”

But is there room for two Caliphates? Bulldoody insists that OSIRIS and ISIS will be able

But is there room for two Caliphates? Bulldoody insists that OSIRIS and ISIS will be able to work things out.

“Isis and Osiris is a love story, right? It’s about an incestuous couple who get along really, really well. In fact, Isis loves Osiris so much that she follows him everywhere and brings him back from the dead. I’m sure the guys over at ISIS will love me at least that much.”
Bulldoody has written to President Obama asking for another $5 billion of American taxpayers’ money to finance his caliphate-establishing jihad, and to repair his gold-plated Dick Tracy Radio Wristwatch in case it breaks down. Obama is said to favor asking Congress for the money, on condition that al-Bulldoody sincerely promises to be a good terrorist and not a bad terrorist.

Not everyone is sold on OSIRIS. “At the end of the Isis and Osiris story, Osiris winds up ruling in the underworld – that is, in hell,” said a Muslim who wishes to remain anonymous in order to keep his head on his shoulders and his liver in his belly where it belongs. “That’s where these guys are going to wind up with their so-called Caliphates.” to work things out.


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May we, and may our fearful culture, learn to walk hand in hand with our grief.

I absorbed, integrated, and expressed the full measure of conscious grieving when my husband died, of a heart attack, in 2003. For a full year afterwards, while living in solitude, I felt myself in communion with Jeff and immersed in the presence of  a holiness that pervades all of life. In 2006 I collected my journals from that year in This Vast Being: A Voyage of Grief and Exultation.

GRIEFWALKER, Full Documentary: National Board of Canada


“The more angry you can be, the less sadness you have to visit. . .”

“Grief is not a feeling. Grief is a skill, that can be learned.”

Published on Dec 24, 2013
For Beyond 50′s “Personal Growth” talks, listen to an interview with Stephen Jenkinson. He’ll talk about his work with dying people, featured in the documentary “Griefwalker” that is a a lyrical, poetic portrait of Stephen’s work with dying people. In his teachings, he regards grief and the love of life as twins, natural human skills that can be learned first by being on the receiving end and feeling worthy of them, later by practicing them when you run short of understanding. In a time like ours, grieving is a subversive act. Tune in to Beyond 50: America’s Variety Talk Radio Show promoting the natural, holistic, green and sustainable lifestyle. Visit and sign up for our FREE Updates.

*Produced and syndicated by Joy and Daniel Davis of Beyond 50 Productions.



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FL ML17: did you know that the vast field of smoking carnage may actually be a “tiny roadside crash site”? Read on.

As the theories and rumors continue to swirl in the jittery ethers, this is the most interesting piece of possible info I’ve yet come across. And yes, it does remind of Flight 93 (Pennsylvania, in a field, 9/11, remember?) — except this time, they decided to add carnage and twisted metal to the mix, rather than just stage a depression in a field with NO plane parts, no bodies . . .

In any case, this latest false flag/distraction — (from the GAZA genocide, from the BRICs devlopment bank, from ongoing climate catastrophes, like stupendous fires in western U.S.. Canada and Siberia) — that also serves to demonize Putin and, in a one/two punch, parallels the (staged?) child trafficking story on the U.S. border — does seem to be working! Even if we ignore in disgust the controlled narrative delivered by the lock-step statist MSM, we’re all mesmerized by “what really happened to Flight ML 17,” and of course, its relationship, if any to Flight ML 370, the last (downed?) flight to capture us, and that went on for months!

We no longer have months to dither. We need to get cracking NOW. Or is it too late? As one commentator said about one of the many latest posts that point towards inevitable global destruction: “This used to be a call to action. Now it’s an interesting data point on the way to extinction.”

Yep. Whether “Sheeple,” or “Awake,” we’re magnetized by FL ML 17. 

P.S.: The Corbett Report has a good “open source investigation.”

Via Bill.

Flight MH 17′s Tiny Roadside Crash Site (IMAGES)

Oh wait… my bad… that’s Flight 93… right next to a road as well … oops. Silly me. — Scott Creighton

Oh wait… my bad… that’s Flight 93… right next to a road as well … oops. Silly me. — Scott Creighton



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Incredibly jittery night, 2 A.M. on . . . aaaah, URANUS!

Jitter frequency. Image:

Jitter frequency. Image:

It’s now 7:48 A.M. Never did get back to sleep. Could feel this intense endless anxiety, nervousness, over-all disquietude, palpable, and not my own. Like a heavy, choppy pall in the air.

First thought: what frequency are “they” beaming?

Second thought: Aaaa. THE intensity point of this two week period: Uranus turns to go retrograde TODAY, on the heels of Saturn turning to go direct YESTERDAY: July 20-21.

We now enter two big weeks astrologically. May the stars be with us.

So, we’re in the second day, the excitable, revolutionary, implosive (because retrograde, otherwise explosive) Uranus day. Yesterday I did, believe it or not, exactly on the day that Saturn turned, begin to begin to get clarity on Saturn plans that had been stopped up for months. Today, I need to rev up my morning  Saturn practices (yoga, tai chi chi kung) — despite exhaustion from tossing on the bed for hours — for these will help center myself in today’s energetic maelstrom.

And geez, so deceptive, this lovely morning. Outside, birds singing, sky lightening, as if it’s all as usual. As if everything is okay. But it isn’t the usual. And everything is NOT okay. As I saw somewhere on the internet yesterday, the world’s tensions in Ukraine and mideast are building so high, it rivals the roll up to World War II.

We must, and we can, prevent whatever global maelstrom they’re cooking up. There are so many more of us than them. Each of us, by centering ourselves into the still point of the dimensionless present, incites the portal of endless possibility. Over and over again, no end to it. Stop. Breathe. Center. Open. Stop. Breathe. Center. Open.

Simply, during this pregnant time when the old structures are breaking apart, and no new ones yet firmly fixed in place, we have entered the holy birthing moment. Intense, seemingly endless labor, now switches to the final push.

Whatever we dream into being with full heart and intent, will realign the choppy frequencies we are encountering now into the next, onrushing current —

— of rage, or of love. Which shall it be? Choose.




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Kahlil Gibran: On Children

As those who would plunder the world’s future accelerate  the path of senseless destruction, let us shelter those children among us who are still safe; let us treasure them, for they are not our own, they are Life’s longing for itself.” Via Marta.

On Children

Kahlil Gibran

Your children are not your children.
They are the sons and daughters of Life’s longing for itself.
They come through you but not from you,
And though they are with you yet they belong not to you.

You may give them your love but not your thoughts,
For they have their own thoughts.
You may house their bodies but not their souls,
For their souls dwell in the house of tomorrow,
which you cannot visit, not even in your dreams.
You may strive to be like them,
but seek not to make them like you.
For life goes not backward nor tarries with yesterday.

You are the bows from which your children
as living arrows are sent forth.
The archer sees the mark upon the path of the infinite,
and He bends you with His might
that His arrows may go swift and far.
Let your bending in the archer’s hand be for gladness;
For even as He loves the arrow that flies,
so He loves also the bow that is stable.


Marianna, Kahlil’s Sister. Painting by Kahlil Gibran


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