Laura Bruno’s July 4th Call to Awareness

Agreed! Thanks, Laura. I will be walking with my corporate U.S. flag in tomorrow’s local parade while radiating love.

A Call for Reiki, Runes and Responsibility this July 4th Weekend

July 3, 2015

by Laura Bruno

Just a quick heads up to any healers, energy workers, prayer warriors, and freedom lovers: the powers that would like to remain are practically peeing themselves with excitement about the possibility of turning “Independence” Day into a national day of terror, probably blamed on Syrians and/or “Patriots.” La, la, la, so annoying even to acknowledge their intentions, but the troops have been moved, Jade Helm’s in place, and the media’s amplifying the Fed’s typical narrative into one of “multiple” terror possibilities all over the US this weekend.

Given the symbolic way the psycho’s have used Greece (the birthplace of democracy) to override it, Wisconsin (the birthplace of unions) to attack worker rights, Charleston, SC (the city and state that first seceded) to launch a Confederate flag controversy, and on and on … we can see how using Independence Day to tighten the rest of the shackles around America would put quite the Yankee Doodle feather in their caps.

In any case, this whole sloppy production has grown tiresome, repetitive and old, but the reruns and weaker episodes keep coming. As such, if you feel so inclined, please anchor the strong, positive energies of freedom, personal responsibility and community healing and liberation in your little corner of the world, especially if you live in the US right now.

Reiki Master Teachers, a Healing Attunement on our entire country would not be out of order at this time! Reiki practitioners of all levels, please get that energy flowing to wherever it most needs to go.

Those who know how to use Runes might want to imagine the THORN and AR Runes surrounding themselves, their communities and even over a map of the entire US. THORN creates a semi-permeable hedge like the one around the castle in Sleeping Beauty, filtering out those who would harm the vulnerable, but allowing true lovers and helpers safe passage. The AR Rune brings light to murky areas, casts out ghosts, and shifts things from the Shadow back into the Light for purification and healing reintegration. If you click the links above, you can see the Runes pictured, along with yoga and hand positions. If you scroll all the way to the bottom, you’ll find Rune Songs. You don’t need to do all the other things on those pages. That site just happens to have excellent information on Runes.

If you just want to chant for peace, that works, too! Here’s one of my favorites from Tina Turner and a group of children singing a Vedic blessing for the world:

A Vedic blessing for the world:

Oṃ. sarveśāṃ svastir bhavatu;

sarveśāṃ śāntir bhavatu;

sarveśāṃ pūrṇaṃ bhavatu;

sarveśāṃ maṅgalaṃ bhavatu

“May everyone enjoy well-being;

may everyone enjoy peace;

may everyone enjoy fullness;

may everyone enjoy auspiciousness.”

Sing it with power and authority.

Let’s lift this country and our world into a completely new vibrational range!

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Wake Up Time: Don’t “Follow the White Light” When you Die!

Synchronicity points me in the direction of another post also this morning, one more perfect follow-up to the “three possible portals at death” piece yesterday.  Whereas the Rappoport post referred to The Void, this one speaks of just why we DON’T want to “go to the white light.” P.S. I know a lot of this will sound crazy to folks who haven’t been reading people like John Lamb Lash, his Not In HIs Image, where I was introduced to the gnostic concept of “archons;” frankly, I couldn’t believe it! I wouldn’t believe it! NO! A full year went by before I could pick up the book again and internally agree to absorb it. 

Via Lance. Thanks!


The Final Trick

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Wake-up Time: Rappoport, “the news,” the Void, and the new USA Today poll

Image: viosazneias

Image: viosazneias

This new Rappoport post is a great segue from yesterday’s post about three possible portals at death, one of them . . . drumroll . . . THE VOID!

Media Matrix: An Ancient Tibetan Perspective on the evening network news

Truly, I know of no one better qualified to present the nitty gritty details of how collective mind-control “programming” works. In this post, Rappoport discusses the TV anchor’s use of “segues” (to smooth over disconnected bits and pieces into a “flow,”); in another post, he discourses on the “flicker,” (like a strobe light off/on, again and again, until numb and becalmed) — and all of course, designed to confuse (via cognitive dissonance: surreal contradictions existing side by side in space and/or time) in the grand game to lull us all into passivity and keep us there.

BUT, just in, from USA Today, a new poll showing that only 24% of American people think that the MSM media report the news without bias, and that’s down 17% from last year, which is the lowest since this question started to be asked, in 2004.


Now if all those ear-bud-wearing folks whom puppy Shadow and I pass by on our walks would just take out those brain-waving contraptions and allow in The Void!

Then maybe we could greet each other, and smile, and mean it.





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The Hathors: At Death, “you will be confronted with three portals. . .”

I’ve been perusing archived transmissions from Tom Kenyon‘s Hathors. One transmission that I found especially instructive —

The Fifth Dimension: Transcending Space and Time

— helps me more fully comprehend the multidimensionality I have been consciously experiencing in one way or another for nearly the last half century. While this development made me feel quite isolated and weird in the beginning, at this point it feels quite natural to be walking around as if in a sort of upside-down pyramidal “structure,” with my 3-D biological self as the tip that connects with the ground and layer upon layer of more and more refined and larger dimensions heading up. As if “I” am on an elevator, or as if, at times, I am the elevator, able to stop and commune at any floor, or sensing all floors at once through this body, into the earth. Really wild. So I appreciate all communications from “beyond” that discuss various dimensions and their differences.

Meanwhile, here’s part of a discourse on Death from this post on the 5th dimension that intrigues me greatly. (Oh wow, I just discovered that on May 12, 2015 I excerpted and posted exactly this same section already! — and prefaced it with a much longer, fuller commentary on my own process.) 


If you fully and completely identify yourself solely as a biological organism the moment of your death can be frightening. If, however, you have already tasted the freedom of fifth dimensional reality or higher your transition through death will be easier.

At the completion of your biological death, from our experience and perspective, you will be confronted with three portals. The first is a tunnel of light. The second is a portal opened through the energetics of a guru or savior. And the third is a portal, or tunnel, that leads into darkness.

The tunnel of light is generated from the pranic tube that runs through the center of your body, which runs from your perineum to your crown, and it is a tunnel-like or tube-like channel. At the moment of death, your consciousness moves upward through this tunnel that opens into another dimension of consciousness through your crown chakra.

On the other side of this tunnel is a bright light, and you may find yourself sensing that you are on a bridge crossing over a stream or a river. On the other side of the bridge will be those persons of your previous life, the lifetime you have just ended. You may sense those who have died before you, including pets you have had, because the animal spirits also dwell in this realm. If there are incomplete relationships or issues still to be resolved with these persons or beings, you may feel a yearning to enter this light, and by doing so you re-enter the wheel of birth and death, and you will reincarnate—most likely on Earth.

The second portal is created by the personal will of a guru or savior. Entering this portal will lead you into the vibratory field of the guru or savior that you have a deep personal connection to. And for those of you on this path, entering this dimension of consciousness will be the completion of a profound desire to be with this being. Our caution here is that you will be entering a realm defined not only by the evolutionary attainment of your guru or savior but also by his or her limitations.

The third portal opens into darkness. And entering this portal leads you into the Void, the creatrix from which all things arise. If you choose this portal and have prepared yourself to deal with this level of freedom you will be freed to explore other dimensions of this cosmos and beyond, meaning states of being that transcend all physical phenomena. In this realm of existence you can become an explorer of other realities as you so choose.

Some individuals swoon when confronted with the vastness of the Void. They rush into choosing a new reality rather than taking their time to rest in the potential of all things. We have addressed this in a previous message called Transition States.

We have no judgment as to which portal you enter through the dimensional shift you call death. But we think it is beneficial for you to know what awaits you beforehand so that you can prepare yourself for the choices that you will be compelled to make on the other side of your earthly experience.

Death is not an ending. It is merely the completion of one journey through space and time. Death is a harbinger of new potential realities, and you will create these realities through the choices you made during your life as well as through the choices you make at the moment of your death.


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MSM (Mind Controlled) “News”: two perspectives, one analytic, one hilarious.

Analytic: Investigator Eric Zuesse pens one of his meticulous laser-focused pieces to show how Big Media covers up what it covers:

CNN: Obama White House Lied ‘We Didn’t Know About Hillary’s Private Email’

Hilarious: Yet another talking head mimicry show. (What gets me is how, given the same script, each newscaster tries bravely to give his or her own individual tonal rendition of it. That MSM newscaster “choices” should be so tragicomically reduced!)

Video Compilation Shows Shocking Truth behind Mainstream “News”

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Droughts due to Peak Water? Maybe not.


I glanced at several posts in a row the other day on the Jean Haines site, all claiming that the water shortage in California is a hoax, that there’s plenty of water, that the earth is always making water. Didn’t think much about it. Didn’t bother to read them or watch the videos. But then I got to wondering: hmmm . . . what about something I’ve always noticed, those fresh flowing springs at or near the tops of mountains? How is that possible?

So I googled “primary water,” and came upon the video below, which I found, frankly, riveting.

Pal_3According to long-time dowsing expert Pal Pauer, here interviewed by Deborah Tavares: there are two water cycles, primary and secondary, and we are only familiar with one of them, the secondary cycle, which works through atmospheric evaporation to supply surface water (runoff) and ground water (aquifers). Primary water, however, is formed from the elements hydrogen and oxygen deep within the hot mantle of the earth, as steam, which then rises through fissures towards the surface, cooling into liquid — some of which surfaces as springs, onto the surface, or into lakes, rivers, oceans, and aquifers — plus venting as steam in hot springs and volcanic eruptions. Well worth watching the entire video which explains the two hydrologic cycles represented on the above map.

Bauer: “The whole planet underneath is very much alive.”

Pauer’s website:

Here’s an article that links so-called “Peak Water” to the designs of Agenda 21.

Water Crisis Hoax



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Even Newsweek magazine honors Gary Snyder, 85, as our honored elder

Gary Snyder came to Jackson Wyoming one evening back in the mid-’80s, when I lived there. Or, I should say, when I had landed there, in a yurt, temporarily, I figured.

Home sweet yurt.

Home sweet yurt.

The yurt, I told people, was my launching pad. For about a decade I had been flitting about like a bird, always looking for where the grass was greener.

Then Gary Snyder came to town. And read to us from his latest book of poems. At one point, during the Q &A, he told us that we need to pick a place, and to dig in. I’ll never forget that remark. It reverberated into my flighty gypsy body, shook my very bones.

So I tried to ground there, in the Tetons. I really did. But I couldn’t root in. Something in me forbade it. In 2003 I finally moved, and landed here, in Bloomington, Indiana, the midwest where, for some mysterious reason, I was able to dig in. And wow, the grass really IS greener! — at least during spring/summer of 2015, thanks to persistent rains.

This long encomium by Sean Elder was published today, July 1, 2015, in Newsweek magazine, honoring the author of This Present Moment, a new book of poems.  


Gary Snyder, ‘Poet Laureate of Our Continent,’ lives in the present


An odd blend of old and new San Francisco turned out to see Gary Snyder at the Nourse Theater one evening in May. Former counterculture standard-bearers such as Michael McClure and Peter Coyote mixed with young tattooed hipsters, curious techies and California Governor Jerry Brown. When I pulled out my reporter’s notebook, the young Indian man sitting next to me said, “Are we supposed to take notes?”


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Doomer Humor. Yep!


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Whatever happened to yesterday’s glad tidings of Venus/Jupiter/Uranus?

Tonight’s Full Moon with Mars and Pluto, that’s what!

I don’t know about you, but I sure didn’t see or notice any “sudden glad tidings” from yesterday’s exceedingly rare exact Venus/Jupiter conjunction trine Uranus. (That three planet combination, by the way, continues today and for the next few days as it gradually moves out of orb.) At least not in the global arena, whether alternative or MSM. What does seem to be nearly self-evident however, at this point, is how Saturn, having slid back into the final degrees of Scorpio until mid-September, is throwing it’s harsh steady light on the entitlement fantasies of the uberwealthy (Venus/Jupiter in Leo). These folks who rule the world (Leo) actually think they deserve it! — and the world’s impoverished be damned. As, for example, the way EU officials insist that Greece bows down before them. Luckily, Tsipris and Varoufakas are having none of it, and instead insist on the Greeks’ right to self-respect and dignity. It’s as if these two men symbolize that Uranian wild card, startling Merkel and the EU by inviting them to move into their higher selves, to truly embody what could be the loving generosity and high-mindednes of the Venus/Jupiter combination!

So I would say that it appears that this evening’s full Moon, at 9+° Capricorn, loosely conjunct Pluto, foreshadowed and obscured the finer qualities that yesterday’s Venus/Jupiter combo was and is meant to embody and convey. Especially given that Mars is still near the Sun. Four planets, two on each side of the zodiac facing off. Huge, hot power struggles. Intense, undercover power plays. The Greek officials’ desire to protect their citizens, and their appeal to compassion and feeling (Sun and Mars in Cancer) vs. the usual rigid plutocratic insistence on holding the “Other” accountable to the the doomed centralized structure (Pluto/Moon in Capricorn) that has already condemned Greece and other countries to “austerity” (ruin).

And yet, and yet! That 9° Full Moon was also sextile and trine, exactly, Neptune at 9° Pisces. The world’s peoples’ are waking up to how the stubborn sociopathic arrogance of the .01% is hurting the 99.99%. Our concern and compassion flows, not to Merkel and the EU, but to the Greek pensioners, standing in line.



I did look up in the western twilight sky last evening to see the bright Venus/Jupiter conjunction, so close they appeared as a single star. That beauty lasted for about a half a minute, before the rim of a cloud caught and obscured it. Likewise here. The beautiful Venus/Jupiter shining utterly obscured by Plutonian greed.

Screen Shot 2015-07-01 at 8.04.19 PM

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Rappoport and Orlov, both wizards with language, help us quickly grok the current global situation



It’s as if we’re coming up out of a long sleep, at first blinking vaguely and trying to understand what we’re waking up to; but it’s oh so hard and complicated, and so easy to just fall back to sleep. But those who want to wake us up get more and more brilliant at describing the actual reality of what we’re waking up to, and do so in more and more shocking ways, so that, eventually, we can’t help but begin to understand the actual dynamic patterns that the millions of quickly dissolving details coalesce into; can’t help but get a real sense of the BIG PICTURE, to the point where all our senses are humming, our minds are churning, our hearts are opening, and we can’t, we just can’t fall back to sleep again. Next step. Get out of bed. Connect with others. Act.

Here are two terrific linguistic inventions, one structural and the other metaphorical, that both sound the alarm and yell, WAKE UP!

Structural, Jon Rappoport: elucidates the nasty difference between capitalism and “meta-capitalism.”

Big Money: pump and dump as a way of life


Let’s start with the analogy of the stock market. To boil it down, here is how the game is played by insiders:

They acquire many, many shares of a stock and then they push the price up, up, up, and then they create a top, crash it, sending the stock price off a cliff to a dismal bottom.

They profit greatly on the way up (pump), and then, selling short (dump), they pile up more profits on the way down.

Getting away with it is like having a license to print money.

But this single pump and dump doesn’t have to be the end of the game. As the crashed stock creeps along a new discouraging bottom, the insiders quietly buy it again, preparing for a repeat cycle—up, up, up, top, top, top, crash, crash, crash, down, down, down.

Now imagine this pump and dump strategy applied to companies. Better yet, imagine it applied to a number of companies within a given industry all at once.

What I’m describing in this article could be called meta-capitalism. That’s my name for it. Capitalism is merely the voluntary exchange of money for non-harmful goods and services. But at the meta-level, you have predators, on their perches, looking down at the marketplace and devising concealed ways to manipulate the global flows of money and assets.

This is the game. No-limit holdem, where the banks and the Fed Reserve and the federal government and the mega-corporations are the house casino and decide, at any given moment, how much money they want to invent, show, hide, collect, transfer, and pay out.



Metaphorical, Dmitri Orlov: describes how the sentient, sluggish, stupid, dense, and ultimately, FAKE financial  “black hole” sucks it all up, as long as we let it.

The Care and Feeding of a Financial Black Hole


In the United States, so far the black hole has been sucking in individual families (although it does sometimes suck in entire cities, like Detroit, Michigan, or Bakersfield, California, or Camden, New Jersey). With the help of the fraudulent mortgage racket, it sucks in houses, and spits them out again encumbered with bad debt. With the help of the medical industry, it sucks in sick people and spits them out again, bankrupt. With the help of the higher education racket, it sucks in hopeful young people, and spits them out as graduates, with worthless degrees and saddled with mountainous student debt. With the help of the military-industrial complex, it sucks in just about anything and spits out corpses, invalids, environmental damage, terrorists and global instability. And so on.

But the black hole can also suck in entire countries. Right now it’s busy trying to suck in Greece, but it’s having a hard time with it, because Greece is, of all things, a democracy. This has the black hole’s puppets in quite a state at the moment, and starting to clamor for “regime change” in Greece, so that Greece can be made to capitulate before the black hole gets hungry.

This one will be interesting to watch. If the black hole does succeed in sucking in Greece, then which country is next? Will it be Italy, Spain or Portugal? And, as that process continues, at what point will enough people say that enough is enough? Because when they do, the black hole will shrivel up. It’s not a real black hole that’s made up of incredibly dense matter—so dense that its gravitational field traps even light. It’s a fake black hole, made up of everyone’s combined greed. It has greed at its core, and fear all around it, and it sustains itself by feeding on fear.




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