Were 9/11 buildings brought down by (directed) (weaponized) free energy?

Since I’m still mostly in bed, this afternoon I listened to both hours of this 9/11 audio, a dialogue between Dr. Judy Wood a scientific researcher and John Lash, a cultural mythologist. Well worth my time.

Here’s the first hour:  www.blogtalkradio.com/grok-the-talk/2011/09/06/dr-wood-and-john-lash-the-quintessential-talk-on-911-hour-1 

This possible unfolding scenario of 9/11 as we approach its tenth anniversary reminds me of John Fowles’ masterful book, The Magus — mask after mask, twist after twist.

Both Lash and Wood agree that AE911 truthers are wrong about what happened. That what destroyed the towers wasn’t controlled demolition, but directed free energy weaponry. This is the conclusion that Dr.  Wood, after meticulous research, came to in her book, Where did the Towers Go? (The debris that hit the ground accounts for only about 15% of that enormous building. The rest of it, she says, was “dustified” into the air.) Her conclusions are being vilified and even ridiculed by the AE911 truth organization which assumes apriori that 9/11 was an “inside job” then looks for how it was done and immediately goes to “controlled demolition,” the mention of which, says Lash, came on the very day of the event by some of the commentators — all as part of a subliminal psyops narrative that was set into motion immediately.

Lamb: We need to see the 911 event as actually two events. One, the horror of the event itself, the murder of 3000 people in front of our eyes, and two, the narrative wrapped around it as a massive psyops which included a “controlled opposition.” This massive psyops was inserted into the collective mind on that very day and still mostly succeeds in keeping us confused and crazed. The words “inside job” is part of the psyops, with the leaders of the 911AE truthers roped into it and the others following along. So people only look at two possibilities: either the official hijacker story is right, or it was controlled thermite demolition.

BTW: my immediate thought on that morning of 9/11 when I heard about the first plane hitting the tower: “inside job.” I assumed that meant I was intuitive. But might it mean instead that I was picking up on the psyops, that this idea, in fact these very words, “it was an inside job” were directed into my psyche? If so, if my individual mind is that directly and specifically controlled . . . Geez, banish that thought!

Lash: conjecture: those who did the “inside job” may have truly done it (Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and gang, for example), but “framed” by the deeper perpetrators, who live elsewhere and at a much higher, ultrasecret level. The top group’s goal is not just to use 9/11 as a trigger to invade Afghanistan and Iraq and go on permanent war footing for profit. No, the top group’s agenda, According to Lash, is to set U.S. citizens against the whole of the U.S. Government by driving us insane with wondering how to reconcile all the weird facts about 9/11. Why? Because total distrust would bring down the U.S. government and further their ultimate  goal: to take control of the planet and destroy all of humanity in the process.

(Sounds like he’s talking about some kind of negative ET race? Is he?)

Lash also conjectures that directed energy technology creates crop circles, that they are created by benevolent human wizards who are trying to let us know that we have free energy technology without coming out in the open because if they did they would be killed by the bad guys with the weaponized free energy techology that brought down the Twin Towers.

Listen here: Challenge to the Crop Circle Wizards. (If you have only time for one audio I’d listen to this one, since it includes material on his views of both 9/11 and crop circles and refers to Dr. Judy Wood’s work.)

Both speakers:  if directed energy beams brought down the buildings, it points to the existence of free energy technology that humans have actually known about since Faraday and Tesla. And when we discover that free energy technologies exist, then we crack open the code of secrecy that this horrific event conceals and open humanity’s eyes to a complete transformation of our world. For if everyone has access to free energy, then nobody will have to spend their lives time working at meaningless jobs — to buy the house, to buy the car, to save money for retirement, etc. As Dr. Judy Woods puts it: “That’s not living.”

Lash, in the crop circles audio, gently takes to task those who look to ETs as the creators of crop circles; applying Occam’s Razor, he says it’s not necessary, because the human race has known about free energy for a long time. I suggest that what Lash doesn’t realize is that perhaps ETs are human too, that we are everywhere. Off planet, on-planet, all the same. All connected. All aspects of one consciousness.

Perhaps Lash would agree. For on the tapes with Dr. Judy Woods he concludes by saying that “discovery of free energy is the recovery of a part of our consciousness that we have lost, which is a primorial, sacred, pristine.”

Judy Woods:



John Lash:


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