Beyond Science Department: Life is, ultimately, MYSTERY

I’m glad to see this kind of video, not from a “mystic,” but from a philosopher who bills himself a rationalist.

Sculpture of Atlas, Praza do Toural, Santiago de Compostela.

Here’s my (admittedly jaundiced) view, not his:

Science is a religion like any other, with its priests, hierarchy, hi-fallutin’ theology, written and unwritten rituals, regular steps to heaven (books, grants, professorships, promotions) and (mostly unmentioned, bottled up) fear of hell (the fear of unknowing; or of having somebody else beat you to it, whatever it is; or of having somebody “disprove” whatever you thought it was or wasn’t).

Scientific theories carve out finite spaces within infinities and pretend that what’s beyond and within those spaces doesn’t exist!

At bottom, scientists are groping for the bottom of the universe, so that they can stand on it, and feel secure, and hold the whole damn thing on their shoulders, like Atlas. Impossible. And no need for it. Just breathe. Breathe in the oneness.

If the universe has no circumference, then the center of it is everywhere.

YOU stand in the exact center of the universe.

About Ann Kreilkamp

I'm a Ph.D. philosopher, author, magazine founder and editor, and consulting astrologer who took the Permaculture Design Course in 2007. In 2009 I deepened my committment to both "above" and "below" by starting to attend UFO conferences and founding a neighborhood permaculture garden ( See for bio, etc.
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