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I'm a Ph.D. philosopher, author, magazine founder and editor, and consulting astrologer who took the Permaculture Design Course in 2007. In 2009 I deepened my committment to both "above" and "below" by starting to attend UFO conferences and founding a neighborhood permaculture garden ( See for bio, etc.

Grand Cross Week, personal log, Day Four, April 23-24: Memories, dreams and reflections

Update, one hour later: Wowowow! I completely spaced the most important part of this post, and that’s because it felt other-dimensional, this: In the middle of the night, during my usual involuntary two-hour surf of collective unconscious gunk (see below), … Continue reading

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Effective Actions Department: This Robin Hood robs banks for the people

What would it take? A couple of hundred, a few thousand? Imagine a Merry Band of Robin Hoods, following Enric Duran’s example, bringing down the ponzi bankster financial system. Spain’s ‘Robin Hood’ swindled banks to help fight capitalism Enric Duran in hiding and unapologetic after obtaining … Continue reading

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On the west coast in June? Check out this upcoming conference on the Secret Space Program.

Via Janet, who was alerted to Carol Rosin as one of the speakers at this conference which promises to be very interesting, especially in that it mixes speakers not normally found in the same place. Investigative journalist Jon Rappoport, for example, along with … Continue reading

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Excellent summary of how and why LOCALIZATION is the antidote to everything that has gone so wrong.

Do you struggle with trying to explain why localization is the movement that will actually shift our civilization from its mad rush to oblivion? If so, then memorize this entire piece. Here’s a sample. “Recognizing that the fundamental problem lies with … Continue reading

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Grand Cardinal Cross, personal log: Day Three, April 22-23: Mars Rx augurs implosion, not explosion

Ommigod. It’s already April 23rd. We’ve already gone through “peak-cross,” you might call it, and WE’RE STILL HERE. Not much has changed. The world didn’t blow up. The earthquakes didn’t rock our foundations. The volcanoes didn’t rain fire on our … Continue reading

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Excellent summary of Flight 370 theories — and implications

A welcome compendium of the many imaginative theories offered as 3D explanations. There are also other-dimensional theories, for example, this. To me, what’s most interesting about this epic mystery/psyops/distraction of intense global focus is how it sparked the human imagination. Now, … Continue reading

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Honey Badgers, “Masters of Mayhem” (Drew! This one’s for you!)

My ten-year-old grandson Drew plays soccer with his team, the Honey Badgers.

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How an African tribe deals with crimes

This post demonstrates a synchronous outpicturing of exactly the thought I was having today, about my young friend who “who ripped me off” and shattered trust with  betrayal . . . I was imaginating how disconnected he must feel. How utterly … Continue reading

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New Math for New Gilded Age: Top Hedge Fund Managers make 95X that of top CEOs!!

Just in from reader Rose, an astonishing revelation . . . Tell me, is there a label in the new DSM for the clearly psychiatric addictive disorder of Utterly Unbridled Greed? Can you imagine, having that much and still needing more? … Continue reading

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Commentator Andre Vitchek: “Russia and Ukraine are soul mates, not enemies. Those who are dividing them should be exposed, shamed, and expelled!”

Yesterday, I published an educational piece about the complex history and current divisions and dynamics within the country of Ukraine. Here is a companion piece to that one, one commentator’s 2000 km journey through the Ukraine heartland between Kiev and Odessa, covering the … Continue reading

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