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I'm a Ph.D. philosopher, author, magazine founder and editor, and consulting astrologer who took the Permaculture Design Course in 2007. In 2009 I deepened my committment to both "above" and "below" by starting to attend UFO conferences and founding a neighborhood permaculture garden ( See for bio, etc.

“Overpopulation” Debunked

Yes, we’ve got to move towards “sustainability” on a finite planet — though that term has been paraded and ruined by Agenda 21 programming. Maybe switch to the word “regenerative”? So. Try again. We’ve got to move towards regenerativity, but … Continue reading

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Is Anarchy a Viable Alternative to Statism?

After watching Putin, I came upon Josie the Outlaw, one of her videos. Intriguing. Here’s a young one who gets it: the root cause of oppression is our willingness to give away our own sovereignty to someone or some entity … Continue reading

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Re: Putin speech at the annual Valdois Discussion Club

Theme of the this year’s discussion: The World Order: New Rules or No Rules? I have watched only the first thirty minutes of his 41 minute speech. This year’s theme of the Valdois Discussion Club is interesting, in that it seems … Continue reading

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Maiden, Mother, Crone: Our naked bodies, painted larger than life

Two weeks before I attend the 22nd annual Crones Counsel, to be held this year in St. George, Utah, November 5-9, I receive this post, from my friend Lee. Artist Aleah Chapin is clearing going against the grain of our “forever … Continue reading

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Growing Cities (film): “I think that the way the world is going now, we just need to grow more food.”

I would agree. And I can’t imagine anything more important than to focus on this holy holy ground! Ebola, schmola! ISIL, smylsil! I’m done, at least today, with all the stuff that’s still scaring everybody (though beginning to lose its … Continue reading

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Today’s GANG garden news — and more

I’ve been completing the review of the editing of my manuscript, A Soul’s Journey, which I vowed to finished prior to Mercury turning to go direct. Just as I was about to get to the final chapter, Rebecca walked in … Continue reading

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Alan Watts: “I have often puzzled and puzzled, what it must be like, to go to sleep and never wake up. . .”

On this morning (as any morning), when we tend to get entranced by habits and stuff and people and dramas, the bracing and provocative remarks of Alan Watts are always welcome. In this ten minute segment, ostensibly about our musings … Continue reading

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