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I'm a Ph.D. philosopher, author, magazine founder and editor, and consulting astrologer who took the Permaculture Design Course in 2007. In 2009 I deepened my committment to both "above" and "below" by starting to attend UFO conferences and founding a neighborhood permaculture garden ( See for bio, etc.

Neptune/Chiron in Pisces, collective trauma, since when? A revelation.

Note: I need to present this post as a process, rather than just state my conclusions. Need to bring you into the flow of my own mental/spiritual currents, so that we may breathe through this revelation together. Therefore, how should … Continue reading

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History Researcher Michael Rivero: ALL Wars Are Bankers Wars

If true, this is astonishing revisionist history. The same furious, warmongering song and dance has been ongoing since at least this nation was founded, with its presidential heroes (those who tried to replace private bankster controlled “money” created by fiat via … Continue reading

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The final taboo: UFO? StarworksUSA conference, Laughlin NV, November 2014

In the last post, I mentioned that death may not be the final taboo, that this honor may belong to UFO, or ET, or “aliens” or the idea that humans are not alone in the universe of thinking, feeling, sensing … Continue reading

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From Timothy Leary to Brittany Maynard: Participating Fully in the Deathing Process

One of the underlying themes of the archetype of Crone, is, inescapably, that of death, deathing, dying. We are all going towards that graduation point, but those of us who call ourselves “crone” realize that our own personal death will come … Continue reading

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Just Why is (today’s) Wheat So Toxic?

While enjoying the lentil burger with gluten-free bun that my young podmate Leah had graciously made for me, our little two-house ecovillage pod was discussing the toxicity of wheat during the evening meal. Leah, a graduate student in environmental science, … Continue reading

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Let us open the mind to the open universe —

This afternoon I posted pix from Zion after framing this glorious national park within its tiny (enormous) canyon inside the tiny (humungous) Colorado Plateau. Just to get perspective. So much beauty in each speck of sand! Here’s an even larger, and … Continue reading

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My son Colin’s Garden Tower Project Kickstarter Campaign nears $200,000, when they only asked for $31,400 —

— and they reached THAT goal in 33 minutes . . . Ye gods and goddesses! The New Garden Tower – Powering a Fresh Food Revolution As of this afternoon: 628 Backers $199,154 pledged of $31,400 goal 17 days to go

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