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I'm a Ph.D. philosopher, author, magazine founder and editor, and consulting astrologer who took the Permaculture Design Course in 2007. In 2009 I deepened my committment to both "above" and "below" by starting to attend UFO conferences and founding a neighborhood permaculture garden ( See for bio, etc.

Does the evolution of awareness proceed in stages? If so, here’s one way to parse them.

There are lots of ways to look at this subject. Here’s one that I find valuable —  wouldn’t you know, once again it resonates with a post I just put up — and, since I just discovered it, I’d say that … Continue reading

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How to parse our various selves? Here’s a few of mine, and what they focus on.

Like everyone I know, I wear many hats. Or, I should say, I sport many “selves,” each of them quite sure of itself and many of them conflicting. • One self says “we’re going to win” — this battle against lethargy, hopelessness, … Continue reading

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For your reference library and/or weekend contemplation: 101 Permaculture Designs, and City Diversity Index

Both via Lee Barnes, a professional dowser and friend. Lee also sent me the post on ten top permaculture and ecology centers in California. Thanks, Lee! 101 Permaculture Designs and City Diversity Index (pdf)        

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Re-Purposing Department: What to do with a soon-to-be-vacated hospital building?

I know the decision has supposedly not been reached, and so I may be jumping the gun, but I do very much doubt that the local IU Health Bloomington Hospital will choose to remain in its current downtown location — — … Continue reading

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Sanity and Insanity Department, then and now: Roszak to Davos.

This essay was written in 1996, nearly 20 years ago, in which the author states that it’s about time we call our separation from and destruction of nature by its real name: “crazy.”  Theodore Roszak: The Nature of Sanity Psychiatrists often fail … Continue reading

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Synchronicity Department: They just keep piling up! An extended rant.

For the past three days, seems like every time I wake up at night or turn around and look at the clock on the stove there’s a double number: 3:33 AM, 1:11 PM, etc. Hmmmmm….. What’s that about? Here’s a … Continue reading

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Let us shift gifting to an ecological foundation rather than an economic one

This is a very important post, analyzing how, as usual, a concept that starts out with one meaning — and with genuine good intent — tends to morph into something else entirely due to our capitalist “economy” that, unless we are very … Continue reading

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