Every day I spend three to six hours researching and writing for this blog. Much of my research functions deep background to what I end up posting. I seem to post an average of about 5 pieces daily, usually with a bit commentary from my own point of view.  Plus some original postings from my own ongoing life’s experiences.

(6/6/13: I notice myself much less interested in just about any kind of channeling at this point.)

(11/27/11: I just realized that it was only a year ago that I decided not to renew my daily NYT subscription and start to get my own news rather than pore over those fine-print pages that gave me Paul Krugman and a few wonderful human interest pages, some great Sunday magazine articles, and a bunch of propaganda, and stuffy art news, and not much else. And it took at least one hour of my precious time each day. Plus I had to recycle all that newsprint. Once I used layers of newspaper to fill all lasagna permaculture beds we needed for the GANG garden it was time to let go of that crusty old bastion of the 1%. So liberating!)

Aside from my own intuitive reach into the meaning of these extraordinary times, these are the websites I either subscribe to or visit regularly, many of them on a daily basis. They span both a horizontal political and sociological spectrum as well as a vertical spiritual and dimensional spectrum.

I assume that the universe is infinite, and therefore that its center is everywhere. Each of us stands in the exact center of the universe.

What interests me is to stand in the center of the universe with an expanding 360° view —or rather, an expanding spherical view —  and remain aware while not attaching to any of it;  rather, I seek attunement within the one being. Meanwhile, I aim to trace an arc into the future that makes sense while noting dangers,  diversions, and opportunities along the way.  So you might say that in this exopermaculture site I offer readers a certain angle of vision on the universe that is ever changing and yet consistently resonant with my core.

(6/6/13: Another way to say this is that I have a “point of view” and a certain approach, but no rigid set of beliefs as a boundary beyond which I dare not go. Or, I should say, no rigid set of beliefs that I am aware of! There may be unconscious beliefs that I have not yet rooted out.) 

Note: Prior to setting up this exopermaculture site in late January, 2011Tendre Press was my main website: “Interdimensional media that provoke the mind, open the heart, and invoke the soul.” This website features my award-winning book, This Vast Being: A Voyage through Grief and Exaltation, Current and Archived Essays, including those from Crone Magazine, Crone Chronicles, and SageWoman, and two blogs: “M’Entendre,” which is personal and philosophical and “Urban Farmstead,” a journal that documents the first two years of organizing, gardening, and teaching at the Green Acres Neighborhood Garden. As of 2011, the M’Entendre blog was folded into the exopermaculture blog and the GANG garden now has its own website.

The 2012 Scenario ( Until recently, this was the best site I had come across for anything related to “Ascension,” breaking news on ET/UFO material, an interesting mix of channeled material and paradigm-shifting news on the cabal’s dark doings. 

BTW: Both the channeling field and the ET/UFO field tend to be full of garbage and deliberate disinfo; so educating one’s capacity for discernment is essential. Of channeled material, I pay attention to Mathew Ward (monthly messages), and once in a while, others, for example, Tom Kenyon and the hathors “Reliable, verifiable information on major cover-ups and a call to work together for the good of all.” Very much like Steve Beckow, in that Fred Burks is not afraid of both shining the spotlight on various ways that humans oppress each other while working for transformation. This is an enormous archival site. The section on Mind Control was especially startling for me.

The Disclosure Project: a nonprofit research project working to fully disclose the facts about UFOs, extraterrestrial intelligence, and classified advanced energy and propulsion systems. We have over 400 government, military, and intelligence community witnesses testifying to their direct, personal, first hand experience with UFOs, ETs, ET technology, and the cover-up that keeps this information secret.” Dr. Steven Greer’s original Disclosure Project briefing, to the National Press Club back in 2001, was what woke up Fred Burks and impelled him to begin his website. (Alfred Webre) and (Michael Salla): Webre’s site has a huge amount of material on it that is often too far out there for my taste. Salla not so prolific and far out, but well researched.

Project Camelot (Kerry Cassidy): interesting videos of channels, whistleblowers, hybrids, all things strange. Tends towards paranoid interpretation of events. 

Planet Waves: Good, provocative, well written astrology by Eric Francis and others. Especially like his commentary on astrological signatures of ongoing major events as they impact our collective history. 

Alternet, Truthout, Truthdig, tomdispatchCommon Dreams, opednews,  democracynow,,, press.tvdailykos, for news, opinion and commentary. Also, sometimes, drudge — unlike the others, not a “progressive” site, but interesting, especially on political matters, which I can rarely stomach at this point. (I used to check huffpost everyday, but not so much since it got bought by AOL, seems more gossipy now; but I do subscribe to Lee Speigel’s email list, in the “weird news” section.)

(6/6/13: in the past year I’ve added,, and,, and,,, and check most of these daily.)

Alex Jones, and David Icke, and, for breaking news much of which I don’t see elsewhere and that sometimes I don’t want to know or believe.

Before It’s News, rumormillnews, for the edges of all spectra, some of too paranoid for my taste, or too ephemeral. Much of it seems like a running commentary on the mutating fears of the collective unconscious. 

Veterans Today: Especially Gordon Duff; I find many of his world news analyses riveting, but I am also sometimes skeptical.

Business Insider:  I appreciate lots of stuff on this site. Seems to have an incisive take on business news, especially. and Filer’s Files for breaking ufo news. (I subscribe to Filer’s Files weekly email.)

Jon Rappoport’s nomorefakenews for his brilliant language, and his views on media and conspiracies, cultural commentary.

tomdispatch: for extraordinary indepth commentary.

Reality Sandwich for usually well-written essays from various authors within categories like “Psyche,” “Eco,” “Life,” “Tech,” “Commons,” “Media,” and “Multimedia.”

Ecobuddhism: for thoughtful essays with a Buddhist perspective on not just ecology, but mind, psyche, spirit, wisdom, science, et. al., and, for interesting and often inspirational stories that I don’t see elsewhere.

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