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The late Dr. John Mack, who studied, and wrote about human/ET interface

I’ve been chewing on two books. One, pressed into my hands by permaculturist Keith Johnson, is supposedly fiction, All of the Above, by Timothy Scott Bennett, a long, fascinating look at the intricacies of especially the psychology, sociology and politics … Continue reading

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Dr. Richard Alan Miller: Brand new discovery. So glad!

Last night I listened to a nearly two-hour podcast in the middle of the night, featuring someone I had never heard of before, Richard Alan Miller — — a physicist and herbalist who, he claims, among other things in a … Continue reading

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SECRET SPACE CONFERENCE REPORT: Moon Pigeons, ARVs, German Engineering and “The Secret”

Note: this post is authored by Julia Jackson, who attended the Secret Space Conference in San Mateo, California for A recent article in Forbes magazine that describes a link between leadership and psychopathy has been bubbling up within our … Continue reading

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Joan Bird: Rebecca Hardcastle Wright “gets the multidimensional nature of the extraterrestrial phenomenon and its implications for increasing our understanding of consciousness.”

Joan Bird has sent a message to her UFO list regarding a press release by Rebecca Hardcastle Wright for her new course, Introduction to Exoconsciousness. Rebecca had sent me her press release, and I am so glad that Joan can … Continue reading

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Monsanto struck us all before it struck out

Or let’s hope it’s started to strike out. Let’s hope the suddenly infamous rat study detonated the foundation of this most pernicious hydra-headed behemoth corporation that “threatens the very basis of life on this planet.” I’ve come across a couple … Continue reading

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David Wilcock Update, 7/3/12

This update includes a good synopsis of Wilcock’s ongoing Financial Tyranny investigation that I was (almost) able to actually follow and understand. Also, a very interesting take on Obama, which dovetails with that in Mathew Ward’s new message. In general, … Continue reading

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Read these books!

“These books promote critical thinking, revisit the coverups of history, and promote individual empowerment. They should be read widely in order to raise awareness of the situation facing America today, so that we can take back what has been taken … Continue reading

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Visiting the Ridicule Factor

Re: ETs and UFOs and how American media and culture systematically ridicule any mention of them: My friend and fellow traveler Paul Crawford has sent me an email of a letter he wrote that, to me, encapsulates the fury and … Continue reading

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